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Reforming the Canadian Senate

seemingly bottomless pit? Are Canadians looking at the right people to lay their blame? In the 1992 Referendum, 'The Charlottetown Accord' addressed all of these issues, giving Canadians the opportuni ... the Senatu's decision is final. The Senatu also approves the decision of the President for national referendums on matters of interest to the State.No member of the Polish Senatu belongs to an officia ...

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Pierre Elliot Trudeau's influence on Canada, and how it affected our society to this day

s is still strong. From the Official Languages Act in 1969, to the October Crisis in 1970, the 1980 referendum and the patriation of the Constitution in 1982, Trudeau dominated Canada's political land ... e economic conditions, Trudeau turned to the constitution. He successfully led a "no" campaign in a referendum called by Québec on the "sovereignty-association" issue, which would have allowed ...

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"Was the United States Responsible for the Development of the Cold War"

satellite states to help extend communism toward Italy and France. In 1945, they set up a communist referendum in Bulgaria and seized Hungary and Romania in 1947. Poland also became communist that sam ...

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How can the division of law-making powers between Commonwealth and states be altered? (Australian Legal System)

ons of the Constitution.The only means by which to change to written word of the Constitution is by referendum. Writers of the Australian Constitution considered the words to be so important, they mad ... sidered the words to be so important, they made changing them a very difficult task. In order for a referendum to result in change, it must be introduced to either the House of Representatives or the ...

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Democracy in politics.

representatives may be supplanted by the electorate according to the legal procedures of recall and referendum, and they are, at least in principle, responsible to the electorate. In many democracies, ... in and New Zealand have considered or introduced changes in their electoral systems.oGrowing use of referendums and other forms of direct democracy.oReducing the power of parliaments by giving judges ...

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Blue Genes.

it was deemed unnecessary to know everything. The fact that only 2% of the population voted in the referendum shows that not many people really cared anyway. They were stupid ideas anyway.In my work ...

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Outline the case for and against the use of referenda.

decided by the people. This idea remains today, where in some countries it generally assumed that a referendum be held when there might be a change to the constitutional law. Before arguing for or aga ... constitutional law. Before arguing for or against referenda, one must consider on what grounds the referendum is standing. Some countries have embraced the use of it while others have been more cauti ...

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Final Paper for International Business, Complete Country report on Slovenia.

nd is waiting to join the European Union in 2004, as the country voted in favor of EU in the recent referendum. Slovenia occupies the area of 20,273 sq km with the capital its largest city, Ljubljana ... called for independence, and nearly 90 percent of Slovenia's population voted for independence in a referendum in December 1990. In January 1992 the European Community (now the European Union, or EU), ...

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Write an essay of 1000 words stating whether Australia will become a Republic within 20 years & some of the legal issues that relate.

r.Any change to the Commonwealth Constitution would require firstly an Act of Parliament and then a referendum, which Australians are traditionally resistant to, and this would need to be co-ordinated ... ing our Commonwealth Constitution requires, under s128, an Act of Federal Parliament, followed by a referendum. Even if a Bill passed the intensive scrutiny of both the public and the government, incl ...

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Casinos in Massachusetts

casino for Suffolk Downs near Boston or Holyoke, which voted 59% - 41% pro-casino in a non-binding referendum, won't pass1. However, whenever and wherever gaming legislation was introduced and discus ...

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Diary Entries of Napoleon Bonaparte

g to be a dictator with the utmost power. But I am not that foolish to be so obvious. I will hold a referendum in which all French men can vote to either approve or disapprove of my new regime. I am s ... nge the form of government in France. No more Republic! People approved this change in the national referendum once again, and I am going to improve their lives. The tax system would be reformed, and ...

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The Progressive Era - Liberal or Conservative

tect working people, and bridge the gap between social classes. They called for reforms such as the referendum, initiative, and the recall. They wanted the Americanization of the immigrant and the reg ... alization of power through the primary, the direct election of public officials, in the initiative, referendum, and recall.From this quote by Samuel P. Hays, it is most evident why Hays would be class ...

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Australian republican debate 1999 - and the media's role

in providing information to the Australian public during the republic debate that waged before the referendum in November 1999. By focusing on certain issues and particular people and failing to give ... the debate, the Australian media helped sway the publics' opinion and therefore the out come of the referendum.During the constitution convention held in 1998 people representing many different groups ...

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Principle Changes to the Native Title legislation enacted by the Native Title Amendment Act in Australia and their effects.

to:"the people of any race for whom it is deemed necessary to make special laws"In 1997 following a referendum under s128 of the Constitution, the words "other than the Aboriginal race in any state" h ... rejected the argument that relevant limitations should be drawn from the circumstances in the 1967 referendum. They also rejected arguments that the 1997 Act should be interpreted so as to be consist ...

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Details of the 1999 Australian Republic Debate

h was held in the old Parliament House in Canberra in 1998, recommending the questions to be put to referendum in 1999.we are looking at a system where the country is governed by elected representativ ...

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Quebec Nationalism The question of whether Quebec will secede from Canada to become an independent nation has been a hot topic in the country for several years now.

the country for several years now. It dates back to the abortive rebellions of 1837-38. In 1980, a referendum to secede was rejected by a 60-40 margin. Since then though, the numbers of Quebeckers th ... oximately 6% of the province's population. When the Parti Quebecois government called for the first referendum on secession in 1980, only 40% were in favor of separatism. When the party took over cont ...

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The Scottish Parliament

volved United Kingdom to hold such powers.The Scottish form of devolution was drafted upon the 1997 referendum which resulted in a 74.3% agreement on the creation of the Parliament and a 63.5% agreeme ...

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od of Mosaddegh's power 522nd of July (30th of Tir) and the second period of Mosaddegh's power 7The referendum and new strength of Mosaddegh's government 919th of August (28th of Mordad) coup and fall ... dayultimatum. This made the English government so angry and put Iran in a total war withthe UK.The referendum and new strength of Mosaddegh's governmentThe Londoners became happy and Mosaddegh went i ...

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Multiculturalism in Australia: who needs it?

John Howard's draft for the proposed preamble to the Constitution during the 1999 referendum for a republic included this line: "The Australian nation is woven together of people fro ...

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American government study guide-Some have the answers, some don't.

Direct Democracy-Procedures such as the initiative, the referendum, and the recall, by which voters can have a direct impact on policy making and the politi ...

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