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softer and with acoustic instruments. In 1972, in Jamaica, a new style of music was created called Reggae. Reggae is a mixture of rock, soul, calypso and Latin music. The king of Reggae was Bob Marle ... lypso and Latin music. The king of Reggae was Bob Marley. Other styles more in rocks borders, since Reggae was more latin than rock, were created in the middle of this century, like: bubble gum rock, ...

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Jamaica:History and Culture This essay goes indepth about the History,Economy & Agriculture, Heritage, Food, and Geography!

ther things.Jamaican CultureMusic- One of the most famous cultural aspects of Jamaica is the music. Reggae originated here. Reggae evolved originally from a form of music know as dance hall. Dancehall ... ent forms, Blue Beat, Rocksteady, and Two Tone. Then, with the combination of all these influences, Reggae was formed. Famous artists from Jamaica have come to America to find success in Reggae music. ...

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es. Louise Bennett is a national favorite for telling the Anancy stories. Sunsplash is a concert of reggae music. It started in 1986, and has been held ever since. Popular Jamaican music includ ... . Popular Jamaican music includes reggae, calypso, and gospel. Bob Marley was famous for his reggae music. Plantation Revelry and Mango Walk are two famous songs that are commonly danced to. At ...

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Reggae Music

the world and in every time period. There are many different types of music to choose from, such as Reggae, Rap, Rock, Classical, Metal, and many other kinds, within society. Each type of music has a ... om the Caribbean Island of Jamaica has for decades broadcast a uniquely Jamaican identity. Jamaican reggae is music of protest that carries an angry message of poverty. Listeners worldwide often simpl ...

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sunset on the beach

the distance I can hear the sound of people talking, laughing, and dancing to a local band playing reggae music at one of the nearby resorts. Everything seems so serene.I open up my eyes to this inte ...

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