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How does the play "The Removalist" present a view of Australia Masculinity?

"The Removalist" deals with many Australian attitudes in the 1970's, many ofwhich are accurate representa ... inance insexual power, physical power and corrupt authority.One of the main issues explored in "The Removalists" is that of men'sdominance, especially over womens. Simmonds (the veteran police sergean ... enny(Fiona husband). There is an attitude of resigned acceptance towards this dominance,as Rob (the removalist), Fiona (who was bashed by Kenny), and Kate (Fiona sister)are all present when Simmonds i ...

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Justice in David Williamson's "The Removalist" and Harper Lee's "To Kill A Mockingbird"

d as the act of determining rights and assigning rewards or punishments. In David Williamson's "The Removalist" and Harper Lee's "To Kill A Mockingbird", justice is illustrated as an important theme i ... would know", illustrating the different position he stands in society.Parallels can be seen in "The Removalist", where instead of race, social status alters applications and receptions of justice. Sim ...

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Changes in Australian Society reflected in the Performing Arts

s, "No Sugar" by Jack Davis, "The Summer of the Seventeenth Doll" (The Doll) by Ray Lawler and "The Removalists" by David Williamson are significant texts which were influenced by the changes in Austr ... f real Australian people and their lives was overcome by the "New Wave" of Australian theatre. "The Removalist" was part of the "New Wave", changing the cultural idea by reflecting facets of the Austr ...

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Representation of Change in Literary Texts

eader to openly accept these opportunities and adapt into the environment. In Williamson's play The Removalist the character of Ross follows his hidden propensity for violence after he is no longer ab ... es, life presents countless opportunities which should be embraced. However as demonstrated in 'the Removalist', it is an individual's adaptation to their environment which determines their outcomes. ...

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The Removalists

English drama investigation The RemovalistsBiography:David Williamson is one of the best-known contemporary playwrights not only in ... ustralian and international awards as a playwright such as the 'British George Devine Award for The Removalists, 1971' (Famous Australian Playwrights). Williamson was born in Melbourne in February 194 ... success in Melbourne he moved to Sydney and rose to fame in the 1970s when he wrote two plays, The Removalists and Don's Party, which established him as "The most sought-after playwright in Australia ...

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