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eenplay by John Hodge Produced by Andrew MacDonald Directed by Danny Boyle Cast List: Ewan McGregor Renton Ewen Bremner Spud Jonny Lee Miller Sick Boy Kevin McKidd Tommy Robert Carlyle Begbie Kelly Mc ... Donald Diane Peter Mullan Swanney EXT. STREET ¨C DAY Legs run along the pavement. They are Mark Renton's.Just ahead of him is Spud. They are both belting along.As they travel, various objects (pen ...

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Underclass and Its Representation In the Novel Trainspotting

u have to "work your guts out" to succeed in the game of winners and losers. As the main character, Renton, tells us, you are supposed to: "Choose life. Choose a job, choose a career, choose a family. ... " life after all. Yet, the life on drugs has its pros and cons for the characters in Trainspotting. Renton and his friends live from day to day in the constant need of a shot, which drives them into t ...

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