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Prison sentences...are they fair?

als are incarcerated for the full length of their given sentence, I believe that there will be less repeat offenders and an overall smaller crime rate.Some say that if we cut down on prison terms we w ... rtant, like maybe giving themselves a raise. How can you put a price on your child's safety? When a repeat rapist is released early and rapes your daughter or sister, how important is that saved gover ...

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Classification System in California's Prisons

ethods of dealing with prisoners have changed during the past fifty years. The increasing number of repeat offenders in our prisons strongly suggests that the policy of putting criminals into prison i ...

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Essay discusses basic solutions for juvenile offenders, where they should be placed and what should be done.

from bedtime to eating is carefully monitored for maximum protection. This is a very good place for repeat offenders or serious offenders to be placed, in my professional expert opinion. People who co ... o be those certain few who obey their probation and then they stay out of trouble but many are just repeat offenders. People make mistakes and that's understandable but people who clearly are getting ...

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Stike Out Three Strikes

as the three strikes and you're out law, was passed onNovember 9, 1994. Under this new legislation repeat offenders, upon committing theirthird felony offense, will be sentenced to a mandatory twenty ... n his whole life andwas still free to kill again. Soon people began calling for laws that would put repeatviolent offenders behind bars for life. The premise of the new laws became an easy issuefor po ...

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Prisoner Rehabilitation

rising inmate population and overcrowding in prisons is a problem. A lot of this problem comes from repeat offenders who have had a lack of prison rehabilitation.People have two different views about ...

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Overcrowding in America's Prisons: Can rehabilitation help lower the growing numbers of repeat offenders?

Overcrowding in America's Prisons:Can Repeat Offenders Be RehabilitatedThesis Statement and Hypothesis:Prisons in America are overcrowded, ... ack of justice in America. Our jails and prisons have become warehouses for criminals. Many who are repeat offenders or substance abusers. Are these people receiving the rehabilitation that they need ... This can lead to many of the people returning the life of crime and thus, becoming one of the many repeat offenders. In many cases of substance abusers, they are released with not treatment for the a ...

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An essay about california's three strikes law.

r was needed to accommodate this law. The intent of the three-strikes law is, of course, to lock up repeat offenders longer, and that requires the construction and operation of more prisons. Some say ...

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Is castration cruel and unusual punishment?

aking away the right of a man to bear children but at the same time it may prevent him from being a repeat offender. The idea of castration is to dramatically reduce the libido and to significantly re ... orm sexually because they can not get erect. However, who is to say that they will not still become repeat offenders. Castration to me is only an option in certain circumstances. If someone is a first ...

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Should Australia Re-Introduce Capital Punishment?

illing, the rape and murder of children and other truly cruel and vicious murders, particularly for repeat offenders. The recent underground killing and increased drug trafficking shows that the curre ...

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Capital Punishment: Will capital punishment protect the society and deter crime?

correct economical and ethical means of punishment or can it? Supporter's claim that it eliminates repeat offenders, deters potential murderers and it is the ultimate retribution. Opponents denounce ...

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Overcrowding in America's Prisons: Can Repeat Offenders Be Rehabilitated

ack of justice in America. Our jails and prisons have become warehouses for criminals. Many who are repeat offenders or substance abusers. Are these people receiving the rehabilitation that they need ... This can lead to many of the people returning to a life of crime and thus, becoming one of the many repeat offenders. In many cases of substance abusers, they are released without treatment for their ...

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Drug Rehabilitation

Drug Addition Treatment Instead of Jail TimeRepeat drug offenders deserve mandatory jail time. However, people who are arrested for the first ti ... d within hospitals and clinics. Close supervision can prevent drug-addicted criminals from becoming repeat offenders. That has created a national system of six hundred drug courts that currently provi ... drug offenders was not only cheaper to the citizens, but this sentencing also lessens the chance of repeat offenses. While the overcrowding of the jails are an issue, the "answer is not to build more ...

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Copromising Humans For Cash

the opportunity to rehabilitate. This lack of rehabilitation increases the odds of inmates becoming repeat offenders, thereby increasing violence and crime in communities, contradicting the original i ... o its shareholders and there in-lies the contradiction between normal penitentiary policy to reduce repeat offenders and the economic goal of maximizing profit.Economic gain will be put ahead of the i ...

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Forced Drug Testing

offenders who tested positive for any illicit substance were better risks for release than that of repeat offenders who did not test positive for recent drug use.(Rhodes, Hyatt, and Scheiman 1996). ( ...

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Legal brief essay-3 strikes case

crime by the US Court of Appeals in the Ninth Circuit. The Three Strikes law was designed to punish repeat offenders and serious habitual criminals. It was overwhelmingly approved by California voters ... ase shows that the Three Strikes law does not violate the 8th amendment.The law is intended to stop repeat offenders and habitual criminals from committing crimes and keep them away from the rest of s ...

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Prison Term Policy Recommendation

6). In response, legislation should include larger and more climatic punishments and treatments for repeat offenders.Committing a crime with a gun instills fear in the victim of armed robbery. The thr ... d be noted that this recommendation holds in account the need for harsher penalties, especially for repeat offenders; however, only increasing the penalty will not completely safe-guard the community. ...

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Mastering a Skill

the past.(2) The most prominent2case of late was that of Jessica Lundsford who was victimized by a repeat sex offender. There are many more cases of repeat offenders hurting our children, but still i ...

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Forced Drug Testing

uer, (2006) the best "predictor" was the number of "prior arrests, and not drug use." For instance, repeat offenders who test negative for drug use are more likely to commit a crime while out on bail ...

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An Integrated Social Marketing Plan developed for the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service

orce on Crime, in its deliberations, found that a very high percent of the crimes committed were by repeat offenders. The Task Force recommended fundamental reforms for the Criminal Justice System, an ... s who are aware of the CEP.Group (ii) First-time Offenders who are not aware of the CEP.Group (iii) Repeat offender who are aware of but undecided of CEP.The intake forms collect data/information on a ...

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This is an argumentative essay on the best sentencing for alcohol offenders.

l prove through research that most alcohol offenders that have been sentenced to prison time become repeat offenders. Research will also show that offenders sentenced to SCRAMx were less likely to abu ... t a crime while under the influence of alcohol. Some examples of these offenders are First-time and Repeat DUI/DWI offenders, offenders who commit homicide or assault while in an automobile, alcohol o ...

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