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An introduction to Attention Deficit Disorder. What are some ADHD facts? What causes Attention Deficit problems? What are common treatments for ADHD?

disorder usually exhibit a few distinct traits: a short attention span, impulse control issues, and restlessness. For instance, someone who tries to read a book, but cannot focus on the words long eno ...

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Clinical depression: The role of genetics

joying activities once found pleasurable, havingdifficulty doing things that used to be easy to do, restlessness, fatigue, changes in sleep,appetite or weight, inability to make decisions, feelings of ...

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ADHD: Is Ritalin Overprescribed?

d children. Former ally known as hyperactivity, major symptoms are inattention and distractibility, restlessness, inability to sit still, and difficulty concentrating on one thing for any period of ti ...

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Motifs in the path to enlightenment

Siddhartha, by Herman Hess, is an inspiring story of a Bhramin's son who finds restlessness and discomfort with the teachings of his elders. The quest for enlightenment burns with ...

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Bipolar Disease

lack of interest to things that used to bring them happiness.SIGNS:*Increased energy, activity, and restlessness*Excessively "high," overly good, euphoric mood*Extreme irritability*Racing thoughts and ...

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Deaf Culture versus Deaf Community

eart. Insincerities will be noticed very quickly. These insincerities include avoiding eye contact, restlessness shown in body language, and failure to spend time to get to know the other person on a ...

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Motion Sickness

hip or airplane.Symptoms of Motion sickness:The first sign is usually pallor. Yawning restlessness a cold sweat forming on the upper lip or forehead.As symptoms build: ups ...

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A Progressive Mental Illness; Alzheimer's Disease

n be detected when a person have constant memory loss, and easily forgets recent events and places. Restlessness is another symptom of this illness. A person who experiences regular sleep disturbances ... ng, which makes them to be afraid of the dark, and as daylight ends and darkness occurs, confusion, restlessness, and other symptoms increase. They also experience catastrophic reactions that make the ...

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Attention Deficit Disorder

e that is usually genetically transmitted. It is characterized by distractibility, impulsivity, and restlessness. People with ADD tend to think quickly and creatively. They are usually smart, intuitiv ...

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"The Great Gatsby" chapter 1-6 by: F. Scott Fitzgerald

ly from the Midwest, graduated from Yale and fought in the Great War. After the war and a period of restlessness, he decided to go East to learn the bond business. At the book's beginning, Carraway ha ...

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Pure Luck

go-lucky mentality. We did not expect the events that were to follow later that evening.I heard the restlessness in his voice. "You got a light?" Steve questioned with eagerness. He was not the only o ...

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What impact did Joseph McCarthy have on domestic politics in the USA?

politics in the United States during this time.Since the beginning of the Cold War, there has been restlessness in the United States. Distaste for communism exploded in the USA after the end of the S ...

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What is motivation, during sport?

t is very difficult to have motivation without purpose - that just tends to become hyperactivity or restlessness(Oxford Hypnotherapy)What are the goals, hopes and ambitions of a hockey player? Are the ...

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Reflective Response - Patterson - "Birmingham 1963". A Reflective Response paper written describing the situation in the poem.

.G. Clarke. Boston: McGraw-Hill, 2004. 886-887The poem sets up a strong contrast between the girl's restlessness at home and the complete rest created by her death. What language in the poem reinforce ... em I found there were a few key phrases, scattered here and there, that painted the picture of both restlessness and complete rest. Starting with description of the scene, the mother is shown braiding ...

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ADHD: Diagnosing and Treating

de some combination of inattentiveness or distractibility, impulsivity, and in some people physical restlessness or hyperactive behavior. ADHD occurs in 3% to 5% of children in this country; roughly, ...

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War of 1812

the American economy in new directions after peace was restored?The War of 1812 was inspired by the restlessness of the Southern and Western U.S. The continuous efforts of James Madison came to and en ...

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Ecstasy effects, statistics, etc.

ing:- open about one's feelings- disorientated- relaxed- dehidrated- more energetic- jaw clenching- restlessness- sweating- lack of concentration- loss of apetite- nausia- tingling sensations- muscle ...

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"Julius Caesar" by William Shakespeare: Explain how omens, dreams and supernatural events feature in the play, Julius Caesar. What do they contribute to the play?

in Julius Caesar, there is a commoner implying he could "mend bad souls", which creates a sense of restlessness. This is furthered by Caesar's distrust of Cassius early in the play, "Cassius has a le ...

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A Friend

riend, I had searched for You. In the long-lost silence of my earliest childhood dreams, the placid restlessness of valiant youth, and even in between those little intervals of life in which on count ...

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Sleep Disorder

other hand, many negative mental effects result from forcing the body to stay awake. One effect is restlessness syndrome. Another is anxiety attacks in the night because of stress during the day. An ...

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