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John Proctor and John Hale - Good Person vs. Good Citizen

In The Crucible, Arthur Miller portrays the two main characters, John Proctor and Reverend John Hale as "good men". The term "good men" in this play is ambiguous. Reverend John Hale ... and admitted it to his wife Elizabeth. In the next situation where Proctor is involved he tells the Reverend Parris why he does not like him, and it also gets him into trouble. He tells him, "Can you ... te without we land in hell again, I'm sick of hell! (p. 30). He is honest, yet disrespectful to his reverend. While in court, John Proctor is too honest to the judges. He admits his guilt of not being ...

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Robert hooke

Robert Hooke was born on July 18 1635 and died on March 7 1703. He was the son of the Reverend John Hooke of Freshwater on the Isle of Wight, and an very gifted child, he was sent after ...

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Revolution of Reverend Hale Analytical essay on The Crucible by Arthur Miller.

Revolution of Reverend HaleBy: J. JiImagine your mistake kills tens of innocent lives, but it's too late to alter ... mistake kills tens of innocent lives, but it's too late to alter the tragedy. This is the suffering Reverend John Hale reminisces through. In Arthur Miller's 1952 satirical play, The Crucible, this Pu ... nged. Hale arrives in Salem as a specialist of witchcraft, and hopes rid the town of evil. However, Reverend Hale discovers corruption within the society and the death of innocence. Reverend Hale chan ...

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"The Unredeemed Captive". A report on the Author's theme and a brief summary.

ndians are allied with the French in Canada and attack Deerfield, a small village in Massachusetts. Reverend John Williams, the minister from Deerfield, was the main target for captivity because Bosto ... nd were considered members of the family almost immediately after their captivity. After some years Reverend Williams returned home, began to focus on reassembling his original life and remarried Abig ...

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Characters of the Crucible

s his own business; later on, he becomes very involved with what goes on in the Salem witch trials. Reverend John Hale, from Andover, has the most drastic change occur to him. He came into Salem seeki ... , Proctors actions and thoughts alter significantly.Finally, the character who changes the most was Reverend John Hale. Hale comes from Andover, a town just out of Salem. He is known to be a witch exp ...

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New York City House of Refuge:the first juvenile reformatory in the nation.

ation. Organized in 1815, it was originally called the Society for the Prevention of Pauperism. The Reverend John Stanford founded this Society. During the year 1820 and continuing through the middle ...

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Imagine that you are an actor and have been asked to take on the role of 'Hale' in 'The Crucible'. Discuss how you would like to portray your character on the stage.

I have been asked to play the part of 'Reverend John Hale' in a stage production of 'The Crucible'. 'The crucible is a play based on the Sa ... of naming names and taking revenge as well as showing how different those times were.My character, Reverend John Hale of Beverly is said to be."...nearing forty, a tight-skinned, eager-eyed intellect ... e was doing 'God's work' by accusing people of using witchcraft. He doesn't have much interest with Reverend Samuel Parris, but they do have different ideas. With John Proctor he seems to like him but ...

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How far do you share Hawethorne's view of The Scarlet Letter as an "allegorical romance?"

ident in the portrayal of the characters Governor Bellingham who is representative of the state and Reverend John Wilson, who is representative of the church.In addition to the story line itself, it i ... ure to seek the forgiveness of God or his congregation. The irony that lies in this is that he is a reverend, a representative of the holy spirit and someone that the society looks up to and relies on ...

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The Unredeemed Captive

imary character is Eunice Williams, a young girl taken captive by the Mohawk indians. Her father is Reverend John Williams, a prominent Puritan leader in the town of Deerfield. Throughout the book the ... by a Mohawk family living at a Jesuit mission-fort near Montreal. Two and a half years later, when Reverend Williams was released and returned to Boston amid much public rejoicing, Eunice remained be ...

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"Tituba's Troubles" Examines Arthur Miller's play "The Crucible" and Tituba's role particularly

arly that of John Proctor, but Tituba really started Salem's troubles when she falsely confessed to Reverend John Hale that she was a witch. Abigail's uncle, the Reverend Parris, finds his ten- ...

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Essay on How Revend Hale from The Crucible by Arthur Miller is a dynamic character by describing certain character traits.

ers are those who change dramatically through out the course of the novel. In the play The Crucible Reverend John Hale is an example of a dynamic character because throughout the course of the play hi ... se throughout the course of the play his beliefs and views differ then those at the end of the play.Reverend John Hale travels from Beverly to the Village of Salem Massachusetts to investigate the str ...

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"The Crucible": quotes.

Quote # 1: "Is the accuser always holy now?"John Proctor says this to Reverend John Hail in act II. This is when they have come to Proctors house with a warrant for his w ... ided to switch sides to save herself.Quote # 4: "You cannot hang this sort. There is danger for me."Reverend Parris says this to Deputy Governor Danforth in act IV. They are in the jail, and Parris is ...

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John Wallis

orn in the later part of the month November in 1616. It was the 22 of November in Ashford Kent when Reverend John Wallis and Joanna Chapman had there third out five children. John Wallis was very educ ...

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Comparing Authority Figures in "The Crucible"

thur Miller, there are three main authority figures. Unlike what the Bible teaches on this subject, Reverend Samuel Parris, Reverend John Hale, and Deputy Governor Danforth show their understanding of ...

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The Crucible

ave those characteristics, but only one main character has all three. That one characters is Reverend John Hale. Hale is a Minister who is called in to investigate the witch trials. In the play ... but all he really wants is to see if all his education and studies would revel the Devil in Salem. Reverend Hale tries hard to revel the Devil that he forgets what his really there for. He believes t ...

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The Crucible

haracters discover something about themselves during the play. John Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor, and Reverend John Hale all had a transformation at some point in the play. These transformations had a l ... fe. Ironically, this actually caused his death because he had already confessed to adultery. Reverend John Hale went through the most change in the play. In the beginning of the play, he went t ...

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The Last of The Mohicans - letter from Cora Munro to her sister about the difficulties of living in the New World

t was massacred and taken captive by the natives. In Deerfield, Massachusetts the Indians attacked. Reverend John Williams watched while Indians killed his six year old son, his newborn baby, and his ... n baby, and his black nursemaid ( Out of Many- text book- page 73). Indians also tried to make this reverend go against god. " He pulled off his crucifix and bade me to kiss it, but I refused. He told ...

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