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The Vietnam War

In the Vietnam war the United States and the Republic of Vietnam (RVN) opposed the revolutionary movement known as the Viet Cong. The Viet Cong was sponsored by the Communist Democrat ...

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Joseph Stalin.

ich Dzhugashvili, he adopted the pseudonym Stalin, which means, "Man of Steel", while still a young revolutionary. Stalin institutionalised terror and was responsible for the death and deprivation of ... U.S.S.R. into a major world power and helped convert communism in the U.S.S.R. from an egalitarian, revolutionary movement into an authoritarian, bureaucratic governmental system.Stalin experienced a ...

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Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich (1870-1924).

viet government until 1922, when he retired due to ill health.Lenin, born in 1870, was committed to revolutionary struggle from an early age - his elder brother was hanged for the attempted assassinat ... rsburg in 1893, Lenin's experience with the oppression of the peasantry in Russia, coupled with the revolutionary teachings of G V Plekhanov, guided Lenin to meet with revolutionary groups. In April 1 ...

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Commmunist Manifesto.

ries is because the in the book Marx announces the communist intention to "everywhere support every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order of things" (120). Marx's idea ... cessary condition of eventual proletariat emancipation. The primary objective of communists and the revolutionary proletariat is the abolition of private property, for it is this that keeps them ensla ...

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DBQ for AP United States History. Talks about the validity of the demand for no taxation without representation being a primary source for revolution.

eprivation not only angered the Americans, but may have also opened their eyes to see the need of a revolutionary movement.Thomas Jefferson states in A Summary View of the Rights of British America th ... of equality. The British has suppressed the colonists. Weary of this, the colonists moved towards a revolutionary movement, wanting to escape the British Crown and authority, but all the more, where t ...

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Why Did the Paris Commune Fail?

Why Did the Paris Commune Fail?The Paris Commune, as an entity and individual revolutionary body, failed. It can be argued that the Republic, which the Commune had demanded, was ... Paris.The Commune is often depicted in extremely inaccurate ways. It has been portrayed as a heroic revolutionary movement and also as a revolt of criminals and savages. Similarly it has been proclaim ... valries in power prevented concentrated and organised leadership or obedience. (Tombs P.154)For any revolutionary movement to succeed it must have aims and objectives. The Commune's general consensus ...

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Biography of Ho Chi Minh

mmoned to Moscow for training and, in late 1924, he was sent to Canton, China, where he organized a revolutionary movement among Vietnamese exiles. He was forced to leave China when local authorities ...

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The Struggle for Gay Rights in America

te success of what is called the struggle for homosexual liberation lies ultimately with the third, revolutionary movement.The Stonewall Riots of New York City are generally considered to have sparked ... g us to the point of apathy."The Gay Liberation Front was the organization of these more demanding, revolutionary gay rights activists. The GLF and its members realized that even though homosexuals mi ...

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The role of Che Guevara in the cuban revolution. Description and analysis of Che Guevara (the legendary guerilla fighter) who helped Fidel Castro take over power in Cuba

Che Guevara was a key personality who played a pivotal role not only in the revolutionary movement's seizure of power in 1959 but also in the social revolution which transforme ... n Mexico, Guevara assumed a position of popularity and influence which when combined with his clear revolutionary goals and tactical brilliance served to greatly aid the revolution's cause. Guevara's ... ion's cause. Guevara's position in the guerrilla army allowed him to exert a great influence on the revolutionary movement's strategic decision making. According to Castaneda, "Guevara participated ac ...

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A Continental Congress

The Continental Congress met in one of the most conservative of the seaport towns from which the revolutionary movement stemmed. Philadelphia patriots complained that there was more Toryism in Penn ...

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Marxist Literary Theory and Criticism

Marxism is a revolutionary movement aiming at creating a world of equal social classes, in which the Bourgeoisie ... people into fans useless art in terms of content. On the contrary, three pages by Kate Chopin, are revolutionary and inspiring for the Feminist movement (referring to The Story of an Hour).The least ...

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"Revolutionaries were successful in putting their ideas into practice." Do you agree with this statement? Argue your case.

ing their ideas into practice during the revolutions due to diplomatic and populist constraints. No revolutionary movement was able to enforce their entire ideology on the populace so therefore had to ... ts of Man and of the Citizen, which the Jacobin Club believed would be the fundamental part of post-revolutionary society, which held ideals on what society should be like. The Bolshevik Party had uni ...

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Were Stalin’s Brutal Methods A Successor To Lenin’s Brutality Or Was The Terror He Perpetrated Unique At The Time?” By Osama Arif Ishaque

sia fighting against the Germans in world war one instead of pulling out). In the forefront of this revolutionary movement was one, Vladamir Illiyich Lenin, the leader of the Bolsheviks who had led th ... nt and were inherently hostile to any form of popular participation in politics. In the name of the revolutionary cause, they employed ruthless methods to suppress real or perceived political enemies. ...

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s brother added onto the rage Lenin had towards the czars; "his brother's death led him to join the revolutionary movement to overthrow the monarchy."� Lenin, determined to do something about t ...

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Kim Il Sung

pril 15, 1912, at Mangyongdae, Pyongyang, to a poor peasant family.His family, a most patriotic and revolutionary one, was in the forefront of the people's fight for many generations, from the beginni ... ependence of the country, the freedom and liberation of the people and for the victory of the noble revolutionary cause of the working class.He grew up, receiving his revolutionary education at home a ...

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From stalinism to leninism

h of the Ukraine to Austria-Hungarian forces ("How Lenin Led to Stalin"). At this time, there was a revolutionary movement in the Ukraine composed of peasants and workers known as the Makhnovist movem ...

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Forced Founders

ar history suggests. Holton?s contention is that class conflict acted as a powerful catalyst in the revolutionary movement as the wealthy land owners such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson wer ... bels at home.The Native American tribes in the Western frontier played a major role in the Virginia revolutionary movement. The elite Virginian gentry?s desire for Western Native American lands rapidl ...

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Independence Movement of Brazil and Mexico.

If "revolutionary movement" is defined as a social movement dedicated to changing the power or the organ ... intentional reason, then between the countries of Brazil and Mexico, Brazil had the most successful revolutionary movement in terms of its original rationale and/or purpose because Brazil, unlike the ... enacted by the Creole against the Peninsulares, and turned the Mexican Independence movement into a revolutionary civil war. "The war of independence was not a lopsided contest with a foregone conclus ...

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Classical Theory Marx & Current Affairs

n unforeseen domino effect throughout the entire region. Perhaps we are on the edge of a widespread revolutionary movement. Although the insurgents do not literally want a communist economy, their fig ... egories of social movements described above can be considered the beginning of a third stage in the revolutionary process that aims to implement a sustainable new international system.II. Transnationa ...

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