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Reynolds Experiment

It was in 1883 when Osborne Reynolds, a famous scientist and engineer tried to experiment on the relationship between the stabil ... ome steady, then opening the valve, at first only slightly ( 2.1. The Reynolds' ApparatusThe average flow velocity V could be defined if the volume flow rate Q was measur ... s experiment, the relationship between four different parameters was achieved. This is known as the Reynolds' number. NRe is a dimensionless variable which classifies the flow of incompressible and co ...

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Numerical Modelling of Flow around a Turbine Blade

e third grid to analyse the effects of changing inlet angle and changing inlet velocity (i.e higher Reynolds number). The details of the grids are given below.First Grid: Relatively coarse grid of app ... t s:Initially the simulations run on each grid were for same boundary conditions where the value of Reynolds number was 150,000 and the value of incident angle α was 37.7. For these conditions t ...

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