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st mainly of the melody and accompaniment, freely mixed arrangements of instruments and voices, and rhythms from dance music. The melody often make dramatic and unexpected leaps. Harmonies are based o ...

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Musicology - bebop. a brief description and history of the 'bebop' jazz style.

understanding of jazz theory; complex instrumental melodies were introduced; complicated chords and rhythms were added to the rhythm section; and a cult of serious jazz musicians evolved. It grew out ... ies. They often created irregular phrases of odd length, and combined swing and straight eight note rhythms within the swing style.Unlike the elaborate big band arrangements fundamental to the swi ...

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It is an oral presintation on drumming and how the drum was made.

d. Western science has proven that we live in a rhythm in which everything in the universe moves in rhythms - every tiny electron, every tree, every planet and every star.Pre-industrialized societies ... of the great organizing principles of the world. Basically, the principle holds that if two similar rhythms are in close proximity they will automatically 'entrain', or fall into synchrony. So if you ...

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Summer of the seventeenth doll research paper. bush and city theme.

h aspects such as the use of slang, language, set, costume approximates real life, natural language rhythms, relevance to society of that era, etc.Summer of the Seventeenth Doll is set in the 1950s, w ...

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Brief History of Jazz

the musical styles in the world, the most expressive and captivating is Jazz. Known for its styles, rhythms, scales and structure, it acts as an intermediary between classical music and rock 'n' roll. ... d to Jazz by providing the first form of music that was not regarded as classical. It had different rhythms, alternate structures of pieces, and allowed more freedom than marches. It had a strong foll ...

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Emily DIckinson

ate allusions and references in her poetry. She also transformed popular church hymns from standard rhythms to free-form hymn meters, a depiction of her inventive originality. Her originality has not ...

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The Flamenco World of Don Quixote

y was with a realistic idea. The performers were dressed in colorful costumes. There were fantastic rhythms, fancy footwork, and swirling skirts all added up to create this wonderful theatrical displa ...

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Gillian Clarke Comparing attitudes to old age in 'Miracle on St. David's day (Gillian Clarke)' and 'Old man, old man (U.A.Fanthorpes)'

' shows the people do have connections with their surroundings. For example 'he rocks gently to the rhythms of the poems' shows that the man can hear the poem and connects with it. When the man in the ...

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Critically discuss research findings on altered states of awareness

arch into sleep (a circadian rhythm) has shown that sleep consists of a number of cycles (ultradian rhythms) during which the sleeper's state awareness is altered many times. As the person moves from ...

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Review of the film 'Dogville'

ic simplicity, the ambitious film may be too long for its impatient American audience. Although its rhythms become surprisingly hypnotic, like many of director Von Trier's other films, including "Brea ...

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Jazz and its origins

city to city, jazz must be defined in general forms. Jazz is lively, energetic music with pulsating rhythms and entertaining syncopations, usually played by a small instrumental ensemble (COMBO) or a ... York bebop jazz musicians. What they created was AFRO-CUBAN JAZZ (CUBOP) characterized by tense polyrhythms, heavier percussion and melodies based on scales other than major or minor. Jazz riff- a sho ...

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Directing: "Preparing the Scene". An essay which discusses certain jobs that a director does. Includes bibliography.

ke - up of each scene and how the psychological energy released by each scene is following a set of rhythms that the actor must become aware of. I will be discussing certain strategies that will allow ... rgy which manipulates and changes the audiences' ideas.The mood within the character influences his rhythms for his speech and action. This is the actor's responsibility to allow the character's inner ...

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History of Tap Dance in Performance

ater became known as Minstrel Stages. Black faced performers known as Levee dancers, would clog out rhythms throughout the south in 1830. It became necessary to develop a personal style if one intende ...

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This is an essay explaining what i have learned from my jazz course.

so learning more about it and its origins posed to me to be interesting. It's more to it than just rhythms and beats, there's a whole culture to it, something that people live for. This has been a ve ...

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Feel-good vibes by bret lane. An essay about one's discovery a wonderful thing called music.

subconsciously sway my shoulders, tap my feet, and rock out to the sounds. I wanted to create such rhythms that have the power to take others into different worlds.As I was teaching myself how to pla ... Although I could play their already-written songs, I could never get the knack for composing my own rhythms. I tried playing random strings but a song never resulted out of it. How would I ever create ...

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Stephen Sondheim's Contributions to Musical Theatre

stand onstage and sing as they used to in the days of Gershwin and Cole Porter. Due to the unusual rhythms, intervals, and harmonies in Sondheim's music, actors must work when they perform in a Sondh ...

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Who was Emily Elizabeth Dickinson?

erican poet, known as "the New England mystic"; innovator in the use of poetic language, forms, and rhythms; author of 1,775 poems, most published posthumously.* Born December 10, 1830 in Amherst, MA; ...

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A comparison of "Child of the Americas" and "Amer

lar. Both poems hint to the fact that the narrators live in New York. The quotations "Walking plena-rhythms in new york, strutting beautifully alert," (Line 32, p. 957) from "Amerícan" and "a p ...

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Reflective Response - "The Telltale Heart" - A response paper describing the situation in the story.

the latter, you might want to pay special attention to the metaphors he uses and to the sounds and rhythms of his sentences.In "The Tell-Tale Heart" Poe demonstrates, potentially, what is portrayed a ...

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Duke Ellington

hoes of Harlem" (1935), Ellington emerged as a distinctive composer for his ensemble, employing the rhythms, harmonies, and tone colors of jazz to create pieces that vividly captured aspects of the Af ...

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