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The Riders

The Riders, Tim Winton's latest adult novel, thrusts the reader into an emotional and physical journey t ... e nose around the world and women run away without explanation.One of the predominate themes in The Riders is that of the relationship between Scully and Billie, and Scully's fatherhood. From the outs ... hated sharing space with strangers, but it was safer this way." The nesting instinct present in The Riders revolves mainly around Scully, and his need to provide a home and a place for his family to l ...

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Tutorial on Pete Keneally & Jimmy Brereton in "The Riders" by Tim Wintons

Good morning /afternoon Miss Martin and fellow class students. Tim Wintons novel "The Riders" is a very deatailed novel about being a father and being a husband. The protangonist, Mr fre ...

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