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Blaise Pascal

esof figures, in particular the proposition that the sum of the angles of atriangle is equal to two right angles. His father noticed his sons ability inmathematics and gave him a copy of Euclids's Ele ...

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Aeroplane Physics

e wings, providing a force called lift that holds them up.Lift is the part of the total reaction at right angles to the relative airflow. It is varying according to the shape (camber) of the wings. Pr ...

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Production Techniques from "Gattaca" and Their Importance

ic engineering might be closer than we imagined. The building of Gattaca is designed b Frank Lloyd Wright, and doesn't seem to have any right angles. Inside, in a boring office complex, were at anonym ...

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How a square can also be considered a rectangle as well as other shapes.

Every square is a rectangle, but not every rectangle is a square. A rectangle always has 4 right angles. So does a square, so that can be considered a rectangle. A rectangle can have sides of ... onsidered a rectangle. A rectangle can have sides of any length just as long as all four angles are right angles. A square however must have congruent sides. So not all rectangles are squares, only th ...

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Workplace Dilemma Issue

smission systems. Electromagnetic radiation is made up of electric and magnetic fields that move at right angles to each other at the speed of light. ( 2006).Figure 1. Electromagnetic Spect ...

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Sovereign Rights

r. This is called refraction. -wave rays are used to describe refraction. -Normal is aline drawn at right angles to a boundary at the point where an incident wave ray strikes the boundary. -The angle ...

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Slope Essay

l) and y (vertical) axis on a xy-coordinate plane. When you draw your two lines they should meet at right angles at a point zero. The axis is divided into four quadrants. Then you find any two points ...

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fore be ventilated to prevent condensation in the cold air space. Firring pieces would be useful at right angles to the joists to allow the ventilation to reach most of the enclosed roof space. A vapo ...

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Descartes: Ontology or Cosmology?

tence can no more be separated from the essence of God thancan having its three angles equal to two right angles be separated fromthe essence of a [rectilinear] triangle, or the idea of a mountain fro ... actly the same way that thefact that the sum of all three angles of a triangle equal the sum of two right angles. Though this analogy, Descartes emphasizes the incredible simplicity of the argument. H ...

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