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Rich's poem "Living in Sin"

aura of decay. The reality of the woman's broken dreams is inescapable. The home, in disrepair, has roaches coming out of their colonies in the moldings and grimy window panes. Society dictates that s ...

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?Time to Toss in the Towel on the War on Drugs??

Like roaches in a rundown apartment, when the sun sets in the city, drug dealers scurry upon street corne ...

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nts and quail: cause we?re hungry, and it?s fun. We rarely see a bumper sticker that says "save the roaches". So, at most, this sanctity of life that these anti-capital punishment people try to portra ...

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the cockroach

movements a purposeful aura, through the use of a declarative statement. Furthermore, after the cockroaches initial start, it was 'quite satisfied to trace a path'. This clearly mirrors the stage in h ... eling of depression for the speaker at the lack of importance of their life.By focussing on the cockroaches increasing speed and repetitiveness in its movements, and by using present participles and t ...

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