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Notes on Rococco and the age of sensibility

The Rococo and the Age of Sensibility"The Italian style and the French style have long divided the Repub ... e death of Louis art moved from the monumentality of the Baroque to the caprice and intimacy of the Rococo.'the word comes from rocaillle, 'a shell,' suggesting the decorative scroll, and shellwork ch ... rocaillle, 'a shell,' suggesting the decorative scroll, and shellwork characteristic of the style.' Rococo took shape as a reaction againsy yhe grandiose gesture of Baroque'out of world of Baroque, ca ...

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The rococo art movement.

ante." These paintings depicted gatherings of elegantly dressed, noble figures in parks and gardens.Rococo painting had its roots in the late baroque period. At the end of the 1600's, the French Acade ... sed the rich, colourful, and emotional art of Peter Paul Rubens overpowered the Poussinists. French rococo artists adapted the dynamic compositions and energetic brushwork used by Rubens. These artist ...

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Critical analysis of "The Reader" by Fragonard

's influences affected his individual artistic style and is a classic demonstration of art from the Rococo period.Fragonard was born in 1732 and grew up to embody the freedom and curiosity of the Fren ... y important commissions for the king and court ( Reader is a portrait in the Rococo style of the Enlightenment. Rousseau's Discourse on the Sciences and the Arts (1750) and his ...

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The Age of Enlightenment

painted by Jean-Honoré Fragonard shows light-hearted flirtation, an element intrinsic to the Rococo period (Schneider Adams 714.) Louis XV and Louis XVI were both inadequate leaders. Pressures ... lution, philosophers reacted against society's libertine affinities, with which they associated the Rococo style (Art History Network.) They promoted a return to the virtues of Ancient and Republican ...

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Analysis of Neoclassicism in context of Enlightenment

o gave rise to this movement. Finally, the general reaction to the exorbitant styles of Baroque and Rococo necessitated a return to the more orderly ideals of antiquity.The Neoclassical movement, for ... the earliest causes for the rise of Neoclassicism is the reaction by many Enlightenment thinkers to Rococo and Baroque art. The Baroque was too busy and ornamental for many people and once it evolved ...

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Dangerous Liaisons

the original textual interpretation of the novel.Dangerous Liaisons takes place in the 18th century Rococo France. The story mostly focuses on two bored rich astrocrats Marquise Isabelle de Mertuil wh ...

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Nudes in Art.

ois Boucher in 1759. He was most known for and painted this particular painting in the style of The Rococo. The Rococo style succeeded Baroque Art in Europe. It was centered in France, and is generall ...

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A Brief Desciption of Medieval through Rococo (Examples of Each)

Art changed dramatically between the Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo periods. Each period has many different characteristics that distinguish it from the others. ... vement and religious subject of this sculpture are all characteristics of the Italian Baroque style.RococoAntoine Watteau's Pilgrimage to Cythera contains all of the traits of Rococo art. It portrays ... ith each other on the island of Venus. This frivolous flirtation of lovers is a common attribute of Rococo art. Pink and green hues not only dominate Watteau's painting, but these delicate colors are ...

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Jean-Honore Fragonard: Analysis of Diana at Rest and The Visti to the Nursery

French Rococo painter, Jean-Honore Fragonard, is one of the most noted artists of the eighteenth century. M ... ding the aristocracy, his patrons, life experience, and preceding artists to name a few. While many Rococo artists depicted scenes of aristocracy at play, Fragonard mastered these scenes while also in ... eer.Originally, Fragonard's subject matter was typically religious or historical. However, when the Rococo style started to rise in popularity in France, Fragonard quickly changed his style to suit th ...

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Art History~Neo-Classicism To Rococo

modern world even today. Marat Assansine better known as The Death of Marat lead us into the Rococo period It too creates questions. Why is there a guy dead in a bathtub? Was he murdered? Was i ... on from "hush hush" to anything else that wouldn't seem embarassing or shameful... with this we get Rococo, David's depiction of Marat, and the lingering taste of Neo- Classical Boucher.

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18th Century Art

the 18th century. Wealthy French elite in the palace of Versailles rendered the decorative style of rococo which was popular until the start of the French Revolution when a desire to return to Roman a ... e seen and practiced today as well other styles that have evolved from the initial movements of the rococo, neoclassical and romantic movements. There is a direct tie between the cultures and societie ...

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The Enlightenment Age

ciety has so many things in mess and chaos, people try to find some ways to escape from it. And the rococo style of painting was born in that need "one of the most popular artistic style of the period ... ular artistic style of the period, the rococo, was characterized by frivolity and lightheartedness. Rococo artists deliberately aimed to create a fantasy world of pleasure into which their patrons cou ...

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Art Is Not Only Art

ered as the times of the most variety of art schools and the time of art development. If there were Rococo, Romanticism, and Impressionism being the typical styles of art in the eighteenth and ninetee ... ealistic, the real life that they could not tolerate and accept. Basing on a part of Baroque style, Rococo style was born, as Henry M. Sayre mentions in his book A World of Art : "The Rococo was deepl ...

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Pope, Swift and Voltaire

the age of Enlightenment” as many cultural historians described. The Revolution in France, the Rococo style as well as the intellectual developments at this time marked the astounding point in hu ...

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Italian Art History

t are. Parmigianino painted Madonna with a very long neck and a larger bottom half.Expressed in the Rococo paintings was a style originating from decorative arts. These painters used delicate colors a ... forms, decorating their canvases with cherubs and myths of love. Portraiture was also popular among Rococo painters. Their landscapes were pastoral and often depicted the leisurely outings of aristocr ...

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The Life of Fraganord

rdin for just six months and then he returned & worked in François Boucher's studio. Both men were Rococo painters. François Boucher recognized great potential in Fragonard, but he wasn't able to te ... him the Prix de Rome. After a few years he broke away from his old styles and began to paint in the Rococo style that was popular in France. His paintings had a light hearted and playful vibe. The sty ...

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