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The Evolution of Christian Architechture

hebasilica in the East.St. Sernin in Toulouse was constructed in the Cluniac-Burgundian style ofthe Romanesque period. It was similar to past basilicas because it was a Latincross, pilgrimage church c ... s and piers in placeof the light walls and columns that had sufficed for wooden roofs. In the matureRomanesque style, especially as practiced in France, the use of massive wallsand piers as supports f ...

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Saint Sernin of Toulouse and Notre Dame of Paris

hurches that portray two totally different styles of architecture. Those two styles are, of course, Romanesque in St. Sernin and the Gothic style of Notre Dame. Some characteristics that these two bui ... e two buildings share include quest for height, basic floor plan, and artistic flair. The period of Romanesque architecture, which lasted roughly from 1050 A.D. to 1150 A.D., concentrated mainly on ac ...

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All about the art and architecture of the middle ages.

s was one of diversity and yet it focused around one aspect of life. Whether it was the creation of Romanesque buildings, or the carved statues decorating them there was one simple theme, religion. Tw ... eme, religion. Two main styles of art and architecture reigned supreme during this time. Gothic and Romanesque techniques came from the same family of Roman design. Of this period the most important a ...

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The comparison and explanation of Gothic architecture and romanesque architecture.

thic period were not built with simple identifying Gothic features. Gothic architecture was born of Romanesque architecture altered by the influence of medieval society.Romanesque and Gothic architect ... nces. There are some who would regard the first Gothic churches in France as late extensions of the Romanesque building 'boom.''The Romanesque contributed greatly to the development of highly articula ...

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Styles of architecture in the middle ages.

. TheGothic church here is a picture of St. Chapelle in Paris, France. It was built in themid-1200s.Romanesque architecture had big internal spaces. These buildings had barrel vaults,columns and windo ... ith rounded arches. The buildings were solid and heavywith small windows. They were dimly lit. This Romanesque church is inSt.-Guilhelm-le-Desert, France. It was founded by one of Charlemagne's braves ...

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Church Architecture of the Early Christian, Byzantine, Carolingian/Ottoman, and Romanesque Periods.

nuation of Carolingian period) periods consisted of mainly the basilica also. By the end of the pre-Romanesque period, Roman stylistic elements had fused with elements from Byzantium and the Middle Ea ... thern tribes in Western Europe. These various combinations created a number of local styles, called Romanesque, meaning "in the manner of the Roman." An outstanding achievement of Romanesque architect ...

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Gothic Architecture

thic Period were not built with simple identifying Gothic features. Gothic architecture was born of Romanesque architecture altered by the influence of medieval society.The technical revolution in arc ... architecture was generally tall and inspiring and was a significant structural improvement upon the Romanesque buildings that preceded it.Gothic art began to be produced in France about 1140, spreadin ...

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High Middle Ages

in art, sculpture, music and architecture. Large cathedrals were built across Europe, first in the Romanesque, and later in the more decorative gothic style.The East-West Schism of 1054 formally sepa ... latter advances made possible the dawn of the Age of Exploration.Gothic architecture superseded the Romanesque style by combining flying buttresses, gothic (or pointed) arches and ribbed vaults. It wa ...

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Gothic Architecture and sculpture: An in depth analysis of the gothic style from the early archaeic period up to the flamboyant

under its groin. Gothic vaults generally have more thinly vaulted webs between the arches than the Romanesque vaults before them. But the major difference between Romanesque and gothic vaulting was t ... e a greater flexibility to architectural form. The Gothic vault, unlike the semi- circular vault of Romanesque buildings, can be used to roof rectangular and irregularly shaped plans. The pointed arch ...

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The Romanesque Period: An in-depth analysis of the romanesque medieval period covering both architecture and sculpture

The style of architecture immediately preceding Gothic within Europe is known as Romanesque. The term Romanesque, like many other stylistic designations, was not a term contemporary ... within the art it describes but an invention of modern scholarship to categorize a period. The term Romanesque attempts to link the architecture, especially, of the 11th and 12th centuries in medieval ... centuries in medieval Europe to roman architecture based on similarities of form and material. The Romanesque period, from roughly 1000 to 1100 A.D has been dubbed the "Period of the Church Triumphan ...

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A Look into Gothic Times

Gothic Era came to be. Prior to the Gothic style of architecture most cathedrals were modeled after Romanesque architecture. Romanesque cathedrals were large, heavy walled, functional, with lots of ar ... or cathedrals had been built for about one hundred years. Everyone was using already existing, old Romanesque buildings that were in very bad condition and falling apart. A large reason for the lack ...

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Structures of Houses

ughout the course of history. Though there are numerous styles of architecture, such as the Gothic, Romanesque, and Classical styles, the house that I have created is from today?s modern style.While t ... built for worship; it was primarily built for shelter.The house that I created is also far from the Romanesque style of architecture. Many of the structures categorized in the Romanesque era are chara ...

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Chartres Cathedral

res Cathedral is one of the finest preserved French Gothic Cathedrals. It was built originally as a Romanesque church in 1145, but the west façade was destroyed by fire in 1194. The cathedral w ... for God. Other features of the cathedral include the use of light and structure. The thick walls of Romanesque Architecture were replaced with thinner lighter walls, and the previous use of columns to ...

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Age of Discovery-Architecture

of Discovery Architecture (1450-1750)In the late Middle Ages of Europe, the stocky and thick-walled Romanesque architecture was very common. Architects used them in great projects such as fortificatio ...

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