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Abstracted work of art vs. a total abstraction, specifically "Girl in Window" vs. "For the Light" [Written in N.Y.C. on 12/02]

our every day in an unusual and may be even strange manner. One of such works is Girl in Window by Roy Lichtenstein. This is an oil on canvas painting, drawn in 1960. Although clearly not a fully abs ... a simple square painting.The two paintings For the Light by Susan Rothenberg and Girl in Window by Roy Lichtenstein show various levels of abstraction. For the Light is so abstract and unusual that i ...

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Jim Dine's biography and in depth descriptions and interpretations of many of his works.

regularly at the Judson Gallery) along with Tom Wesselmann, George Segal, Robert Rauschenberg, and Roy Lichtenstein.In 1959 Dine experimented with Conceptual Art, he made his first prints and perform ...

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THis essay describes what pop art is adn how it is used.

mbines".Andy Warhol is known for his silk-screens of both famous people and everyday objects, while Roy Lichtenstein employed a comic strip illustrative style in his paintings. The leading Pop artists ...

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Andy Warhol: The Pop Art Movement.

ercial art, and showing the world that everyday objects and images can be art. Such artist includes Roy Lichtenstein and James Rosenquist.The Dialogue"Next to Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein is consider ... he use of everyday objects such as comic strips, bank notes or advertising themes, makes the art of Roy Lichtenstein easily accessible"(Roy Lichtenstein Biography). Like Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein wante ...

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Art Essay on Critics and Historians

s indeed the correct one. The use of name-dropping (such as his comparison of Arkley to pop artists Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol) pushes the reader to expand their own knowledge of not only this s ...

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Roy Lichtenstein

-Roy Lichtenstein was an American pop art painter, graphic artist, and sculptor, and he was best know ... tor, and he was best known for his comic-strip art. He worked starting from the late 1930's to 1997.Roy Lichtenstein was born in New York City in 1923. In 1939- 1940 he studied under Reginald Marsh at ... the Museum of Modern Art, new York, and at the Kunsthalle, Frankfurt, in 1988. In September of 1997 Roy Lichtenstein died of pneumonia.Roy Lichtenstein's art work was fascinating. When he first began ...

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