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Hidden Faces Of A line Of Cubes

acesIntroduction: I need find out a formula for the number of hidden and visible faces of a line of cubes placed on a flat table. E.g. for a line of three cubes there is a total of 18 faces, 11 of the ... em are hidden. I will need to find a formula for a quicker way of working this out. I will draw the cubes and write up tables to help me to find the formula. I think that this is a good method because ...

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The Colors of Love, Lies and Pride-Jack and Algernon are like a Rubik's cube- Comparison essay

Erno Rubik was a Hungarian mathematician who created the 80's fad the Rubik's cube. This cube is made up of six sides, each of which has nine colored squares. The puzzle ... n the "The Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde, the characters Jack and Algernon are like a Rubik's cube, they have many colors that are mixed with each other, but they all come together in th ... a kind hearted man who is in love, which is associated with the colors red and white, colors of the rubik's cube. This is Algernon's response to this seemingly earnest remark is, "I really don't see a ...

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New Age of Artificial Intelligence

II is a robot that solves a Rubiks cube in record times. Despite the 43 quintillion combinations a rubik's cube can have, the Rubot II can solve any of them within seconds! The Rubot II works by rais ... Quest. Web. 10 Sep. 2014 .Internet:Redmond, Pete. "RuBot II - The Cubinator - Guinness World Record Rubik's Cube Solving Robot." RuBot II The Cubinator Guinness World Record Rubiks Cube Solving Robot ...

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