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s has just begun.Track is a big part of my life and it holds much more significance to me than just running. I would not even get the opportunity to set foot on the track if I did not practice several ... ld not even get the opportunity to set foot on the track if I did not practice several hours a day, running the same stretch of track twenty times over. This may seem like insanity to others but to me ...

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I aspire!

My chest heaves, beads of sweat roll off my forehead, my lungs gasp ... I love to run. Running is not so much a passion as it is a yearning. It's a painful, disgusting sport almost entire ... member, but I still love the excitement and strive to improve with every race.The whole concept of running, which destroys me physically, for competition or recreation is illogical and uncivilized, y ... into 12 hot, writhing seconds of pure animal instinct. Sometimes I hate track and just want to stop running ... but I can't. I refuse to give up on something so important, so real. Running is my relea ...

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Run, Lift and Eat properly for the 5K race

ilable in four categories, from beginner to competitive, and you should have at least six months of running under your belt.Keep in mind, of course, that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all ... recommend that runners put off training for races until their bodies have adapted to the strain of running. Tendons and ligaments can be injured all too easily if you go from ground-zero to 5K-racing ...

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Running - What it Means to Me

obbing heart, and I have never felt more alive.Throughout my experiences as an athlete the sport of running has always been the most rewarding activity in which I have participated. The sport is so in ... guing and inspirational to me - it has always helped me to keep looking on the bright side of life. Running has often been the only thing that I have felt will always keep me sane. When all I can do i ...

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"The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner" by Russell Taylor

who wants the criminal boy to win the Borstal Blue Ribbon Prize Cup for Long Distance Cross Country Running to gain the prestige through his expected victory for him. Smith's great talent is running a ... talent is running and the governor knows that. Smith thinks he is treated like a race-horse. He is running against the system. Smith cannot win the race anyway, but he must keep running. When he stop ...

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The Race

over the years. They rested upon the burning hot serpent that displayed its distinctive white lines running parallel down its black skin. The competition seemed grim and desolate. I knew this race was ... y head like a swarm of furious bees. The taste of bitter salt burned my lips from the flow of sweat running down my face. The air felt tense and thick until the sounding bang of the official's gun.Ban ...

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What I Like To Do

Running is an excellent thing to do to look and feel great. Sticking to a routine of running everyda ... they usually go by these steps in order to get ready for the race. If you want to succeed in running, I would suggest no pop. I'm suggesting this because if it's still in your system when you'r ... e attitude. I always feel I'm going to let everyone on my team down by doing bad. When I'm actually running the race, I get this feeling that I should push myself, so that no one looks at how bad I di ...

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ved the most improved runner award. After one year of track I decided that I wanted to do some more running, so I joined the cross country team. At the end of my first year of cross country, I ran at ...

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A Growing Experience

thought that I would end up at districts and extend my season one more week? I was astonished to be running against the elite sixteen in only a few days. The weekend came and my parents were at our ca ...

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Challenges Overcome through Marathon Running

Everyone told me that running a marathon didn't have to be a painful and frustrating experience. They were wrong! As a fif ... ncluding laboratory classes in Chemistry and Physics. My academic commitments were as intense as my running schedule, stretching my organizational skills to the limit. Yet I embraced the training with ... . With just five weeks to go, I could run twenty miles. To juggle my dual commitments of school and running, I became a master of efficiency, developing organizational skills I continue to practice to ...

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