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Newspaper feature article - Australian Identity extracted from 'Gettin' Square'

g out.'The 2003 film, 'Gettin' Square', directed by Jonathan Teplitsky, echoes through Barry Wirth (Sam Worthington), a new vision of the typical Aussie, the battler, an image thousands of people arou ... s. His battle against the corrupt system continues.The BattlerGettin' Square puts a new spin on the same struggle that is faced by the typical Aussie battler. He guy Aussies have always sympathises wi ...

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Analysis of Interpersonal Meaning of the film "Avatar"

s [-] planet inhabited by the Na'vi. In an attempt to build relations with the natives, Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) is recruited as part of the Avatar program to remotely operate genetically-bred hum ... , which serves also to add focus by giving more force to his statement, and intensifying it, at the same time, he refers indirectly (invoked attitude +) to the director of such film (Cameron) as a suc ...

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ing shot are used throughout the film to show the importance of Jake Sully- stunningly portrayed by Sam Worthington- and the morals he stands for. Throughout the film, viewer can not only understand t ... that Jake is paraplegic makes his journey throughout the film more exciting and inspiring. In this same scene, Jake's stubborn qualities are first shown, again through voice over. "There's no such th ...

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