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Earthquakes, Seeing Into The Furture

es occur at the boundaries of these plates, in zones where one plate slides past another--as at the San Andreas Fault in California, North America's most quake-prone area--or is subducted (slides bene ... ogical Survey, in April 1985, predicted that an earthquake of magnitude 5.5 to 6 would occur on the San Andreas fault, near Parkfield, California, sometime before 1993."(Day 1988) Many unofficial pred ...

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, a massive 12.0 earthquake hit West Island, once known as California. The earthquake hit along the San Andreas Fault line, and had enough power to separate California from America as its own island, ...

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Plate Tectonics: It contains a general description, such as the origination of the theory, an explanation of the theory, and how it was proved.

past each other, then they slip, and cause earthquakes. An example of a strike-slip boundary is the San Andreas Fault that goes through San Francisco. Because of it, San Francisco has many earthquakes ...

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This essay is about san Francisco and its earthquakes It includes: Introduction, how they happen and famous earthquakes

SAN FRANCISCO REPORTIntroductionThis report in on San Francisco and its earthquakes. San Francisco h ... happen and where they occurEarthquakes perform when to plates rub together. California lies on The San Andreas fault, which consists of two plates: The Pacific Plate and The North American Plate. It ... ate and The North American Plate. It is these two plates rubbing together that bring Earthquakes to San Francisco. The entire San Andreas fault is more than 800 miles long and 10 miles deep into the E ...

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Delagation Paper

in opposite directions. One was headed for Hackensack, New Jersey and the other was headed for the San Andreas Fault. Superman had a choice to make. He could either save southern California or he cou ...

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Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions: Protection versus Prediction.

eland. If the plates pass each other in a strike-slip fashion, earthquakes may occur, as around the San Andreas Fault in California. In the convergent plate boundary regions, one plate normally plunge ... ult than for volcanic eruptions. Earthquakes may occur anywhere in fault zones hundreds or even thousands of kilometers in length. Up to now, all our efforts have had no convincing results except in s ...

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The San Francisco earthquake of April 18, 1906.

The San Francisco earthquake of April 18, 1906 ranks as one of the most significant earthquakes of all t ... nowledge derived from it than from its sheer size. Rupturing the northernmost 430 kilometers of the San Andreas Fault from northwest of San Juan Bautista to the triple junction at Cape Mendocino, the ... an and the Pacific, had lurched past each other at a distance of between nine and 21 feet along the San Andreas Fault. The temblor shook the ground and left a wake of destruction 290 miles long -- fro ...

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ally shatter.California is known for earthquakes, and that is because California is the home to the San Andreas fault, The San Andreas fault is approximately 1287 kilometers in length and is caused by ... caused by a strike fault (translation) between the North American plate and the Pacific plate. The San Andreas fault has been the culprit for some major earthquakes, In 1906 a Earthquake happened in ...

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Plate Tectonics

k and get jerked apart. This results in earthquakes.Some transform faults occur on land such as the San Andreas fault which separates the North American and Pacific plates. The San Andreas Fault zone, ...

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Natural Disasters

isasters reign in the minds of all people, one must always consider if the worst is yet to come.San Andreas Fault The San Andreas Fault is located in California heading northwest for 1000 km. The ... safety precautions in order to preserve what will be left after the earthquake. Living outside the San Andreas danger zone can insure safety. A personal disaster kit can protect you from fires, and i ...

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t produces an earthquake. An example of a conservative plate margin is located in California in the San Andreas Fault (Tiscali, 2009).A constructive plate margin, also known as divergent plate margins ... An example of an area that is prone to earthquakes is the state of California along the line of the San Andreas Fault. Tiscali (2009) stated, "The San Andreas Fault in California lies above the North ...

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n the Westerly direction, and just going by the NorthAmerican Plate. This was the main cause of the San Andreas Fault. The Alpine Fault inNew Zealand is another prominent example and even the North An ...

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Land Feature

factors that influence the location and intensity of earthquakes and volcanoes for the region. The San Andreas Fault located in California, is a crack in the crust of the earth and is the main factor ... r, B. J., 2009). The lithosphere broke off into seven large plates, each of these plates expand thousands of kilometers. When tectonic plates slide against one another, split apart, or collide the res ...

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