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Intelligence author: Sexy Body a summarization of all aspects of intelligence

ce (g) factor runs through them all. Factor analysis and studies of special conditions, such as the savant syndrome- a condition in which a person otherwise limited in mental ability has an exceptiona ...

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Idiot Savant. a good research paper of savant syndrome

The Idiot SavantA little boy quietly sits in front of a piano, with his fingers poised over the bright whiteke ... ntly back and forth, only stopping once themusic begins again.... (Sural Shah)This is an example of Savant Syndrome. This child could be labeled as a genius or aprodigy, but it is shown it is Savant S ... ept a cold unexpressive look on his face. The boy will not even respond tothe commotion around him. Savant Syndrome is almost always connected with low social andcommunication skills. That is why the ...

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Rain Man, Autistic Savant

rt, MD Raymond Babbitt, the main character in the movie RAIN MAN, has become the world's best known savant due to Dustin Hoffman's remarkably accurate and sensitive portrayal of Savant Syndrome in tha ... nt Syndrome in that film. That 1988 movie, in its first 101 days, accomplished more toward bringing Savant Syndrome to public awareness than all the efforts combined of all those interested in this co ...

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Synesthesia and Autism

e age of 13. Daniel has Asperger’s syndrome, which explains his behavior in social situations; savantism, which explains his mnemonic (memorization) skills and his penchant for language acquisiti ... textures.Daniel is unique in that his combination of three different neurological anomalies – savantism, synesthesia, and Asperger’s Syndrome (a form of autism) – is very rare. With th ...

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the gandhi

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