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"The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" / L. Frank Baum. The essay contains a synopsis, own opinion and a creative letter between the characters.

person who can help her is Oz. She starts a journey in order to find him. On her way, she meets the scarecrow, Tin Woodman and the cowardly lion. They all join her in belief that Oz will grant them th ... t keep his promise. They discover his secret and he discovers them the truth about themselves - the scarecrow who wanted brains was always smart, tin woodman who thought he had no heart was a loving m ...

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Micheal's Life

ot to Be There (1971), established him as a solo performer. Leaving the family group, he played the Scarecrow in the musical film The Wiz (1978) and recorded the album Off the Wall (1979), which inclu ...

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"What message does "The Bean Trees" by Barbara Kingsolver give across about self-fulfillment through over coming obstacles?"

d and assisted her through life. "'The way I see it,' she said, 'a person isn't nothing more than a scarecrow. You, me, Earl Wickentot, the President of the United States, and even God Almighty, as fa ...

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Book Review - Scarecrow, Matthew Reilly - Oral Presentation

The title of the book that I have chosen to present is Scarecrow.The author of this book is Matthew Reilly. Reilly has written many books including Contest ... these other four books, I have read Ice Station and Area 7. This is because Ice Station, Area 7 and Scarecrow are part of a series. Scarecrow, compared to Reilly's other two books, is a faster paced b ... action/thriller . Throughout the novel there are so many different types of action and thrills that Scarecrow is placed on top of all other action and thriller novels. Other novels of these genres tha ...

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Which Witch Is Which

was highly feared, very mean, and allergic to water. She did everything she could, from setting the scarecrow on fire, to sending her monkeys to try to keep Dorothy from getting home.Not all witches a ...

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The Wizard Of Oz And Populism

the book. "After a few hours the road began to be rough, and the walking grew so difficult that the Scarecrow often stumbled over the yellow brick, which were very uneven. Sometimes, indeed, they were ... or missing altogether, leaveing holes that Toto jumped across and Dorthy walked around. As for the Scarecrow, having no brains he walked straight ahead, and so stepped into the holes and feel full le ...

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Creative Writing of a Scene

d look like decorations submerged in the water. Beyond the countless attractions is a frayed scarecrow, once used to frighten birds away from the garden. The scarecrow could startle children mo ... m the sun that shines down at angle from the peaks of the mountain. On the other side of the scarecrow is a garden. The garden once thrived, but is now grown over. A few pumpkins still grow in ...

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The Wizard of Oz: An Allegory on Populism

that it can be used as a parable on populism as well. Its figurative characters, like Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, the witches, and even the monkeys and munchkins, and it's ... intended for the mere entertainment of children.The four main characters, Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, and the Lion depict four of the most important people or groups of the time. Dorothy, a s ...

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