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Are Some Fats More Filling?

"Are Some Fats More Filling?". Science News. May 13, 2000, Vol. 157, No. 20.At first glance to this article I really had no interes ...

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The Chemical Way Or The High Way!

ch as Zidovudine (AZT) may increase AIDS infection and deaths in certain populations" (Cowen, Science News). The purpose of this essay is to give you an insight of the negative aspects of AIDS t ... y. "Our study suggests a link between severe bone loss and protease inhibitors" (Christensen, Science Week).In the following segment of my paper I would like to address a few issues pertaining t ...

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The Use of Wind Power Should Not be Encouraged (with counter arguments)

ufacturing industries that it draws would increase the emission of green-house gasses (Australasian Science News, 2004). Apart from this, the turbines also pose danger to migrating birds. This will on ...

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National Poverty and Welfare

elfare began, the nation is still above ten percent in poverty, proving it ineffective. Second, in Science News, Bruce Bower states that most of those who had financial aid became self-sufficient wit ... d citizen economically and socially.Works CitedBower, Bruce. "New data change image of poverty." Science News 125.11 (1984): 196."The war on poverty." Forbes 150.6 (1992): 285-286.World Alman ...

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erently then it does adults. In another article entitled Coffee may not be so bad… in Science News, November 25, 1995, the author thinks that caffeine is an energy booster for athletes. ... ember 25, 1995, the author thinks that caffeine is an energy booster for athletes. At Oregon Health Sciences University a research team studied six healthy young men. The men rode exercise bicycles wh ...

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Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

le wasting, so this drug stops the calcium from getting there and elongates the persons life span. (Science News)Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a terrible disease and takes the people who have it live ...

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mer AssignmentThis summer you will start a journey of exploring some aspect of your world through a science project that will not end until late November or early December.1. Purchase a composition no ... ed the "LOGBOOK" since you will record not only your thoughts as you contemplate a problem for your science project, but also record all of the pertinent information as you prepare for the experiment, ...

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