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American history.The use of marijuana has adapted to the socialclimate of the time.Marijuana, whose scientific name is cannibissativa, was mentioned in historical manuscriptsas early as 2700 B. C. in ... far less harmful than thoseof legal drugs such as alcohol and nicotinebecause there was not enough scientificresearch done during the 60's (Grolier WellnessEncyclopedia, pg 54).Another cause may have ...

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s, and arthritis; reduce temperature and pain. The formula for aspirin is CH3CO2C6H4CO2H. Aspirin's scientific name is actylsalicylic acid (ASA). The main ingredient in ASA is salicylic acid. This ing ...

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A four page paper about Spider Monkeys

The Spider monkey is a primate with the scientific name Ateles geoffroyi. There are nine subspecies under this name, three of which are enda ...

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The Northern Manatee

tee, specifically, the Northern Manatee, better known as the West Indies or West IndianManatee. The scientific name of the Northern Manatee is Trichechus Manatus. The Manatee is a versatile animal whe ...

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Monkshood (an endangered plant). It's common names, description and the plant's disease

his plant is also known as Blue Rocket, Friar's hat, Helmet flower, Mouse bane, wolf bane, etc. Its scientific name is Aconitum napellus. It comes from a Greek term "En Akonias" which means, "growing ...

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Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

n interesting subject and this project gave me chance to learn more about the genetic disorder. The scientific name of this genetic disease is Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, otherwise referred to as Duc ...

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Trichinella spiralis.

TrichinosisThe scientific name is Trichinella spiralis. The organism of Trichina is a small roundworm that causes t ...

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The Bottlenose Dolphin.

lly the best-known species of dolphin. Bottle-nosed dolphins are classified "Tursiops truncates" in scientific name, and belong to the family Delphinidae, in the suborder Odontoceti, order Cetacea. Th ...

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Marijuana-Essay justifying why marijuana should/shouldn't be legalized. 407 words

d kids argue over it, and marijuana has raised many national debates. How do you view this drug?The scientific name for marijuana is Cannabis sativa. The effects of the drug are usually gotten by smok ...

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Marijuana as Medicine?

g names including: pot, green, herb, weed, Mary Jane, chronic, and hash. Scientists like to use the scientific name for it, Cannabis. Young teens and people who smoke marijuana feel that being "High" ...

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This essay about marijuana.

rican history. The use of marijuana has adapted to the social climate of the time. Marijuana, whose scientific name is cannibis sativa, was mentioned in historical manuscripts as early as 2700 B. C. i ... ar less harmful than those of legal drugs such as alcohol and nicotine because there was not enough scientific research done during the 60's (Grolier Wellness Encyclopedia, pg 54). Another cause may h ...

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Salmonella: A Food Borne Illness.

terium in the intestine of a dead pig. He named it salmonella after his last name, Salmon. The full scientific name is Salmonelliosis.You may have heard a lot about salmonella in a recent Hoards Dairy ...

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"Spearmint". An essay all about spearmint its benefits, scientific info, scientific name, all you need to know about spearmint.

ing and medicine. Spearmint is also known as lamb mint, Our Lady's mint, sage of Bethlehem, but its scientific name is Mentha Spicata. In the Moroccan Arabic dialect, it is called "Naanaa". In Greek m ...

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because they are made in secret, illegal labs. One of the headliners of this "fad" is ecstasy. The scientific name of this drug is methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA). There is no real medica ...

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Endangered Species:The Rhinocerous Iguana

The Rhinoceros IguanaTaxonomy and Evolutionary History The scientific name for the rhinoceros iguana is Cyclura cornuta. The Cyclura cornuta is the Animalia ki ...

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'An Information Report On The Moreton Bay Fig' by Sakshi Kaushik

ts; these can destroy driveways, sewage lines and walls. It belongs to the Moracease family and its scientific name is Ficus Macrophylla. After fertilization, the stalk turns oval, the colour is redd ...

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                 What were the Neanderthal? Neanderthal, the scientific name of which is Homo Neanderthalensis, existed roughly between 150 and 400 thousand year ... Fate of the Neanderthals, Smith, Fred H.Scientific American; Jul2003 Special Edition, Vol. 13 Issue 2, p36Making Neanderthals Part of th ...

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Donovanosis: An STD With a Cause...

Calymmatobacterium Granulomatis, (scientific name) is a specific species of bacteria that causes Granuloma Inguinale, (most commonly c ...

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of trillions of nerve cells, as well as other cells which maintain and support the nerve cells. The scientific name for a nerve cell is a neuron. Neurons function electrically to create thought and ac ... ins wide awake. In neurosurgery, brain tissue can be probed and cut with no perception of pain. The scientific name for a headache is neuro-phalgia. Most headaches are caused by blood vessels of the b ...

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This essay is on the Black plague. It includes Where it started what its scientific name is and so on.

The Bubonic Plague is still effecting people today. The scientific name for the Bubonic plague is Bacterium Yersinia Pestis. Bubonic Plague or Bacterium Yer ...

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