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Analytical Bibliography on Hannibal and the Second Punic War.

of the Italian campaign, he withdrew into the mountains of Italy's toe. In 204, the Italian general Scipio Africanus landed in Carthage and was so successful that the following year Carthage sued for ... his campaign in Italy and defend it. With a smaller but more experienced army, the Roman commander Scipio Africanus improved on Hannibal's tactics that he had observed being used earlier in the war a ...

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The Ohio Statehouse and its statues are architecture.

d the archetype of the ideal Roman wife than Cornelia.Cornelia was the daughter of the hero Publius Scipio Africanus, who defeated Hannibal in the second Punic War. She was married to patrician cousin ...

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Justice and Warfare

very two months, and studies the lessons history has provided them, the likes of Caesar, Alexander, Scipio, and Hannibal. To have knowledge of arms and wars is one thing, but to continually practice a ...

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Punic Wars, Hannibal

on conversations with surviving participants of the war, including the Numidian King Masinissa and Scipio Africanus' confidant Laelius. However, Polybius also has his detractors. As a Greek he was re ...

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Caecillius Metellus Dossier

us consularis. This man saw consular sons as was lifted up by them. He was powerful in the times of Scipio Africanus, and when during a disturbance, Scipio was loudly complaining of things done agains ... be free'. On account of this, and other things, Lucilius bad-mouthed him to ingratiate himself with Scipio, although a friend of his.'Livy:History of Rome XIV, 75'...Lucius Caecilius Metellus and Gnae ...

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