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Coping with Scoliosis

DEREK IVY - COPING WITH SCOLIOSISAitcheson, C. (1996). Guest Editorial: Ready to straighten up? This common conditionthat co ... that ran the entire length ofher spine, the result of an operation eleven years earlier to correct scoliosis. In the end,neither her imperfect pivot nor flawed posterior seemed to matter: Michelle Ma ... y confidence and made me feel normalfor the first time in my life!'No one knows exactly what causes scoliosis, but since the disorder seems to runin families, researchers have long suspected genetics ...

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Turner Syndrome: A Genetic Defect

rt stature, webbed neck, horseshoe kidney, cataracts, arthritis, high blood pressure, low hairline, scoliosis, soft nails, abnormal eye features, absence of secondary sexual characteristics such as br ...

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Marfan Syndrome.

ingers and toes-Nearsightedness (myopia)-Indented or protruding breast bone-Curvature of the spine (scoliosis)-Mild to severe heart problemsHeight.Individuals who have Marfan syndrome are more than li ... ms.People with Marfan syndrome are recommended to be examined regularly for curvature of the spine (scoliosis). Children with scoliosis should go to an orthopedist (specialist in bone disorders) who m ...

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Rett Syndrome was first described by Dr. Andreas Rett in

clude hand wringing, clapping, and hand tapping. A symptom of Rett Syndrome that is always there is scoliosis, or a curvature of the spine. This problem may eventually lead to surgery and/or braces. S ... e lack of physical activity, poor muscle tone, poor diet, seizure medications, low fluid intake and scoliosis. Motor development is severely retarded. The Rett Syndrome child usually has a wide-based, ...

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Discuss how ICT has changed modern society

s of strength). The wrong posture while using the computer is a theory for the increase in rates of Scoliosis.As jobs are being created by ICT, jobs are also lost as many office clerks and people are ...

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