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A Discussion Guide and Outline to the book "Daughter of Time" by Josephine Tey

Daughter of Time Discussion GuideI. CharactersA. Alan Grant-works as a police officer at Scotland Yard-in hospital because he fell through a trap door chasing a criminal; "bed-borne" (12)-h ... hey were cousins) (50)H. Sergeant Williams-"large and pink and scrubbed-looking (43)"-also works at Scotland Yard, used to looking at faces (43)-his first impression is that it is a portrait of a judg ...

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Ethics on the Internet.

al questions take on a practical urgency. For sometimes the hacker can kill. According to Britain's Scotland Yard, someone broke into the weather computer network, interrupting the weather forecast fo ...

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A very basic synopsis of Arthur Conan Doyle's "A Study in Scarlet".

ting him.It wasn't long after they had been living together that Sherlock Holmes received news from Scotland Yard of a curious murder. Mr. Holmes invited Dr. Watson to accompany him to the scene of th ... c in The Echo, a local newspaper, that the solved murder was a result of the fine detective work of Scotland Yard. Sherlock Holmes helped the officers of Scotland Yard, although he knew that they, not ...

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Recent inventions and innovations that have been the greatest help to modern policing

board the liner Montrose crossing the Atlantic Ocean when the liner captain received a message from Scotland Yard. When the ship docked in Canada Inspector Drew of Scotland Yard who travelled by a fas ...

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The "Science" of Fingerprinting

d that twenty-five matching minutiae were needed to classify two fingerprints as the same. However, Scotland Yard in the UK requires only a minimum of sixteen similarities and Australia requires twelv ...

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The Pardoner's Tale-Canterbury Tales

go, there were robbers in England that planned to steal a priceless collection of jewelry. However, Scotland Yard, the British equivalent of the FBI, stopped and arrested the thieves red-handed. It wa ...

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atographer: Peter Deming __________________________________________________________________________ Scotland Yard Inspector Frank Abberline's new assignment is to investigate the brutal "Jack the Ripp ...

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Uses of DNA and Fingerprints in Crime Scene Investigation

he way out way out of the store they were spotted by a milkman and his helper who later came to the Scotland Yard with information saying that they saw two men leaving the Farrow house and Art Supply ...

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The use of psychics in police

there were many legitimate psychics during this time period. In other countries such as England and Scotland psychics were still being used quite frequently, until one case in which the police were ma ... strict of London's east end occurred, all of which were similarly butchered. After the fifth murder Scotland Yard still had no suspects or no leads, so they decided to call in one off the most prolifi ...

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for the first time in forever

ing" by being thrown off one of the island's cliffs.Detective BloreBlore is a former detective with Scotland Yard. He committed perjury and thus locked up an innocent man. He dies after being hit in t ...

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