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A Salty High: A descriptive essay about the stoke that surfboarding brings to an individual.

e sprayed against my face and the salty moisture in the air plastered to my dry lips. I noticed the seagulls in the distance, were soaring around a gigantic school of flounder, among the shallow water ...

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This is a short essay entitled Stephen Crane's Open Boat. This essay is a brief look into the underlying themes of Stephen Crane's story.

hey ignore the sky, they describe the waves as "barbarously abrupt and tall," and they consider the seagulls to be evil omens. The repetition of the phrase regarding being "dragged away" from the "sac ...

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The Birds: Comparisions between story and movie

Have you ever been attacked by birds? I have. I was at the beach feeding breadcrumbs to the seagulls, when I dropped the bag. The bread crumbs spilled everywhereand tens of birds swooped down ... ple. Theywere even the same kind of birds, the smaller ones you are prone to seeing in your yardand seagulls. The fact that the birds were similar could have something to do with thesimilar settings o ...

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A summary of the following animals: Dolphin, Shark, Whale, and Tiger

live on a diet of fish and sea mammals (like dolphins and seals) and even such prey as turtles and seagulls        Baby sharks are called pups. Just like there are many types of shar ...

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A Morning at the Beach.

face felt wet and cool as it passed by.The beach was very quiet, there was no sound of men, but the seagulls peacefully chirped as they soar overhead, singing, and searching for food. The howling wind ...

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Descriptive essay about the coast

f. My ears suddenly tune into the ocean waves splashing against the smooth rocks, and the cawing of seagulls as they glide into the salt waters in search for prey.I finally decide to crawl over to my ...

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The Fox River Ecosystem

ving organism. Some of the biotic organisms that I have found at the Fox River are crickets, ducks, seagulls, birds, fish, geese, grass, seaweed, algae, flowers, trees, and bugs. Although I couldn't f ... d animals and there surrounding environment. A couple of examples of interactions would be that the seagulls eat the fish to live and the fish eat algae to live. The seagulls and other birds also use ...

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"Killer Whales: An Overview" An overview of the habitation, characteristics and habits of killer whales.

e of any other whale.Killer whales mainly feed on fish, squid, and marine birds including penguins, seagulls and pelicans, though they may sometimes tackle a blue whale, the largest marine mammal on E ...

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Old Man And The Sea

That salt seawater stench grazes your nose, "gawk gawk" as the seagulls make their infamous noise. The smell of elderly fishers and their cigars. Does this give yo ...

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people, all colors, all sizes and all shapes. The light breeze of the wind passing by. The sound of seagulls fluttering close by, feeding from the waters nearby. Playing volleyball is amusing, but sur ...

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"His First Flight" by Liam O' Flaherty

’ Flaherty who is well known for his novels and short stories. This story is about a family of seagulls. In which the psychology and intelligence of these birds have been described. The writer ta ... e behavior of these birds. This story is in a very simple and convincing manner.There was family of seagulls that was consisted of six members. Among them there were parents three brother and one sist ...

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A Separate Peace - Phineas and Carpe Diem

seen in the opening quote. He says he runs all over the place and jumps into waves, laughing at the seagulls, when most others would be lying on the beach being lazy.Another example of Finny living a ...

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The Birds vs

ries to protect his wife, his daughter Jill and his son Johnny from the unexpected brutal attack of seagulls, robins, finches, sparrows, larks and other types of birds. These are birds that normally s ...

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Sounds, Sights and Feelings At the Beach

shing on the beach side, your face and arms can feel the heat from the rays of the beating sun, the seagulls dipping in the ocean searching for the next meal. Just as you look down at your feet a very ...

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What is you most valuable intangible possession?

ag the chair onto my grandmother's large wrap-around porch, rocking in it as I threw peanuts to the seagulls and quietly inhaled the salty ocean breeze.I went away to college and only visited my grand ...

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Beach- an interesting place

ng more beautiful than the view of sunset from the seaside. The sky is now blushed into reddish and seagulls soar freely up the sky. Sometimes, there is a few couples having a sweet strolls. While bar ...

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Actual Sources of Water Pollution

, or even a colony of sea lions. During the day, you soaked up some sun on the deck and watched the seagulls flying overhead. Perhaps you even stopped in a port to do some snorkeling, and beheld the b ...

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The Sea and its moods

I gazed out to the fishing vessels far beyond the shark nets my view was obstructed by the majestic seagulls that flew so low over the shimmering water. They darted toward the glistening surface hopin ...

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