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Slave pens in the metropolitan area

y Department, the National Black Historical Foundation, the Duke University Reference Library, more search engines than I care to remember, and a fellow pilot named Steve Collins, I was able to locate ...

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Here Comes Everyone:The gathering of people on the internet.

of the world is altered and, oddly enough, in an optimistic direction.Two simple-seeming devices -- search engines and links -- have made search-space on the Internet more exciting than outer space. I ... han any encyclopedia, and it's inhabited with real people. However remote-seeming your query with a search service like Alta Vista, within minutes you find yourself on the home page of someone who has ...

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Employee (web usage) monitoring

company policy. It is significant for everyone to abide by the law.C.What steps did you follow to research this issue on the Internet and which web sites did you visit?My research began with the follo ... ch began with the following search engines, which was, and The search engines above led me to the following sites, which were,, ...

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Conducting effective research using the Internet.

In the article, The age of clutter: Conducting effective research using the Internet, by Charles J Fornaciari and Maria F Loffredo Roca (pg. 732), an argument ... lutter that may contribute to very poor decision making. Technology can also lead to confusion when searching the Internet because knowledge of the proper use of Internet-based filter tools has a larg ... mation. Boolean logic is a standardized concept language but different implementations on different search engines add to the confusion when trying to research a subject. Also the authors believe you ...

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Internet Seach Engines

n named Susan Wojcicki, and how she played a part in the creation of, one of the largest search engines on the Internet today. Susan doesn't have much to do with the story, other than the f ... , when they came up with the idea to create Just a short time after it was launched the search engine was one of the biggest sites of its kind on the Internet.Google is the most comprehens ...

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The Usefullness and Differences of Search Engines

Search engines are a vital research tool for anyone trying to find information on the Internet and G ... e Internet and Google is considered to be the most popular at performing this function. A number of search engines are available on the Internet; however, each of them has different characteristics th ... of them has different characteristics that make them more or less desirable for different types of searches. There are a number of reasons as to why Google is so popular among the searchers on the In ...

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A teenagers view on politics

ile, I figured the internet couldn't possibly bombard me with politics. Boy, was I ever wrong. Ads, search engines, and web sites were filled with opinions, strategies, and more of the same coverage t ... omote voting, and what exactly your vote means, once cast. This was the perfect resource I had been searching for.You can only convince a person to do something, if it seems worth while to them. Votin ...

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Google To Go Public? a discuss of the search engine King

Is the search king ready to go public? This is a question being debated everywhere. Everyone would like a p ... could a Google IPO mean for the market? Most of all what makes Google so special from all the other search engines?In the minds of two Stanford students was a vision. A vision of enabling users to sea ... . Google now has over four billion pages stored on their server and is used for 80% of all internet searches. Google has even become the verb "googling" synonymous to "searching the internet". What di ...

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Internet: A Medium or a Message? The State of the Net: An Interim Report about the Future of the Internet

e authors and manufacturers (browsers, site development tools, specific applications, smart agents, search engines and others).The "Hitchhikers" (search engines, smart agents, Artificial Intelligence ... n the ISP's capital, undoubtedly.The Hitchhikers The Web houses the equivalent of 10 million books. Search Engine applications are used to locate specific information in this impressive, constantly pr ...

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Sensis. A Communication System Investigation

s good enough to rival Google, Yahoo'Sydney Morning HeraldJuly 12, is an internet search engine that allows users to find information on the web and also access information within th ... in the normally confined boundaries of other websites including; and can offer this exclusive information because it is a subsidiary of Telstra, who ...

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Web site navigation (answer to questions)

1. What are the three areas that need to be researched before you can begin developing a website?a. How to develop a Web site tat stands outb. How ... How to identify your audiencec. Which new Web technologies you should incorporateIn what ways can a search engine help in this research?A search engine in many ways can be your guide to everything new ... p in this research?A search engine in many ways can be your guide to everything new or old. You can search the biggest and best companies as well as the biggest in your field and compare design elemen ...

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Internet Reaction

ile libraries are well organized, the web is not. If you are not well known to the internet and its search engines certain data remains hidden. With a library a catalogue of everything in the library ... e returned in a certain amount of time, in good condition. If you are familiar with the web and its search engines the web becomes an extremely large library with information that may not be available ...

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Promotional, Pricing and Distribution Strategy for IPT

eir online and retail sales with business-to-business sales making up the additional 35 percent. Research has also show that IPT sales would increase by as much as 50 percent by expanding their targe ... There are many promotional tools available to IPT. First, IPT should register their website with search engines. This strategy will target the consumers that purchase products online no matter wha ...

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Search via the Internet

where to look.It's really not too hard to find the information you may need. There are hundreds of search engines available. Some of the more popular ones are Yahoo, Alta Vista, and Infoseek, just to ... Alta Vista, and Infoseek, just to name a few among many others. Almost every web site has their own search engine as well. Yahoo even has a search done by images! A search engine is a web page where y ...

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ontrol on the TV programs they watch. TiVo acts as the "portal" for the world of television just as search engines have evolved into portals for the Internet. The result is the delivery of individuali ...

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Business Web Hosting Design and Determination

ice will display your Web pages to the Internet. With your requirements in mind, we did extensive research and compiled a short list of providers We did detail analysis of these vendors to determine t ... thing less than 98% uptime would be unacceptable for most small business web sites. This is because search engines may be indexing your site at any moment of time and if your site were down it would l ...

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Oncology Internet Search

Acute Myelogenous Leukemia Internet SearchIn finding information on Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) was utilized ... formation on Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) was utilized. Dogpile utilizes search engines from Google, Yahoo!, MSN Search, Ask Jeeves, Search, Looksmart, and About. After typi ... Google, Yahoo!, MSN Search, Ask Jeeves, Search, Looksmart, and About. After typing in "AM" Dogpile searches and lists all results found for AML. The decision is then up to the user as to which of the ...

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ece in the evolution to the world of the matrix. The transfer of information, instant messaging and search engines are elements of the internet, which would allow such an evolution.Today, most people ... ng when they were setup and when Trinity needed to learn how to operate the helicopter. Tank had to search for this information via his connection just as we search for information on the internet usi ...

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The Internet And Its Effects On College Students

rson had access to as much information as you have with the internet. A person has the ability to research without going to the library, as almost every library has a website which you can use to rese ... every library has a website which you can use to research. In addition to the websites of libraries search engines make it easy to find web pages on whatever topic you need information on. Many news o ...

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onmental protection? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the agency that is in charge of research, monitoring, and enforcement activities to ensure environmental protection. The EPA has been ... WebPage of the EPA had a large amount of information that I needed. Also Yahoo and American Online search engines had some information. My other source was my personal contact. I sent e-mail to The E ...

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