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Airbags-Pop em' or Keep em'

On this cold, dreary September night young two year old Mica is safely buckled in her child safety seat, which is attached to the passenger seat belt. Her older brother, Sean, quietly sleeps in the b ... rbags deflate nearly as quickly as they inflate, and Sean begins to scream. His mother is fine. The seatbelt along with the airbag saved her from any serious harm. She is still dazed as she looks over ...

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This essay is a naritive about becoming a vegitatrian. It's called Meat is NO Treat.

om L.A. My little sister Cynthia held her nose as she slept with her head cradled in the top of her seat belt. I tried to rest too but my other sister was already taking up most of the room. Besides, ... asked as I daringly put my head in Heathers lap. The next thing I knew my head was thrown into the seat in front of me."Shut up Trish, let's just go home." Heather growled half asleep."God! I'm so hu ...

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Two Second Decision. The essay shows the importance of wearing a seat belt. Persuasive.

a decision that takes only two seconds, yet so many people fail to make the correct one. Wearing a seat belt is something that should be taught from the very first car ride, yet it is often the first ... ride, yet it is often the first thing over looked when a person gets into his or her car. Wearing a seat belt is proven to save lives, therefore people should focus on buckling up, and fines given to ...

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"Education is better than legislation in the battle to save children from guns"

hildren's doctor from Pennsylvania, says, "Learning about gun safety is like riding in a car with a seat belt. You're not afraid to ride, but buckling up can help keep you safe if there is an accident ...

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The Invention of the Automobile

en one person invented the automobile. I'm sure you're interested in finding out too so buckle your seat belt because here we go.....The automobile as we know it was not invented in a single day by a ... o the differential, chain drive to the rear wheels, steering wheel on a vertical shaft and driver's seat behind the engine. The boiler was carried behind the passenger compartment. In 1871, Dr. J. W. ...

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Seatbelt: It can also kill you

tional highway traffic safety administration. Of these injured people near 75% of them were using a seat belt when the accident occur. [NOR03].It is indisputable that seatbelts save lives and reduce t ... ese devices could produce severe and even life-threatening injuries in a patient, especially if the seatbelt is worn improperly.To appropriately detect and treat the injuries a seat belt can produce, ...

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My Car Wreck

        After being jolted by my morning coffee, I slide in the car and fastened my seat belt. As I pulled out of the driveway, I called Susan and asked her for directions. Not knowing ...

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Death in Space

shuttle was ready to go. I leaped in excitement. I climbed into the space shuttle. Took the driving seat and strapped on my seat belt. As my the countdown went I felt the heat below me as the engine r ...

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Seatbelts it your choice

Should a person wear a seatbelt while driving an automobile? This has been as debate, since the first seatbelt, was introdu ... the first seatbelt, was introduced in a car. Many say yes, and others say no. We have always heard, seatbelts save lives, but do they really? The author of this paper says they don=t. Studies show, th ... e lives, but do they really? The author of this paper says they don=t. Studies show, that wearing a seatbelt in a crash, can cause fatality more often than not. Everybody is so worried about being saf ...

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Let's Not Add Insult to Injury.

red twice for three minutes overheating the device (Busse). This unarmed man never even removed his seat belt. It is quite likely that if this man were white, he would never have been pulled over in t ...

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The Physics of Car Crashes: Experimental Write Up

have declined from 27 per 100,000 population in 1973 to 11 in 1993. The introduction of compulsory seat belt legislation has played a major role in reducing the motor vehicle traffic accident death r ...

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My Zero

so why would I now?        She put the car into reverse, "Now remember to put your seat belt on before you start the car," then she backed out of the driveway.       ... ere going less than 5 miles an hour. At this point I couldn't help but want to jump in the drivers seat and drive there myself. I turned on the music, layed back in the seat, closed my eyes-I knew I ...

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e car accidents a major issue in the state of Florida? Yes, it is. How can we prevent the injuries? Seat belts. Here's the law about seat belts. All persons in the front seat must wear a seat belt.Chi ... seat belts. All persons in the front seat must wear a seat belt.Children under age five must wear a seat belt, or be in a crash tested, federaly approved child restrained device. Children under the ag ...

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The Hatchet

they hit the lake, Brian has to swim to the surface before he drowns, leaving the dead pilot in his seat belt. All Brian has is the clothes and a hatchet his mother gave him. While stranded somewhere ...

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Air bag safety for the prevention of injury and d

uld be reduced by 50% if people would simply apply existing information about prevention. Wearing a seat belt while riding in a motor vehicle is by far the easiest way to prevent injury and death, and ... nt injury and death, and should be done anyhow because it is a federal law to do so. In addition to seat belts, motor vehicles are equipped with air bags, an automatic form of protection designed to r ...

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Emergency Room

was in a car accident. She got hit at an intersection and then hit someone else. Also, she had her seat belt on and her airbags went on. There was pain in her lower back and knees. She was also pregn ...

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Seat Belts

from the seen of and accident and dead on arrival all because of the carelessness of not wearing a seat belt.Within the last five years I have suffered the loss of two friends, whose untimely deaths ... person will ever be able to feel.The law now allows a highway patrol or a police officer to issue a seatbelt ticket if they pull someone over for another reason and realize that the driver or the pass ...

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The Wreck With no Effect

gh my veins and the adrenaline rushed through my blood. Reacting by natural instinct, unbuckling my seat belt, grabbing my phone, rolling down my window, and crawling out to the road and sitting there ...

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Safety Features of Cars

ts an equal and opposite force on the car, and this causes the car to rapidly decelerate. Without a seatbelt, the passenger(s) in the car are not attached to the car, and so they will continue to move ... hicle through the windshield, depending on the speed the car was traveling before the collision.The seat belt is implemented to prevent (Or at least minimize) this occurrence. The most common type of ...

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"Use of Child Booster Seats in Motor Vehicles Following a Community Campaign"

Journal- Child:"Use of Child Booster Seats in Motor Vehicles Following a Community Campaign"Child booster seats are designed to improve s ... r seats are designed to improve safety for children who are too big for a traditional child harness seat but who are too small to properly use an adult seat belt. Usually these children are between fo ... this study is to determine if a community centric campaign would improve the rate of child booster seat usage among those children who would benefit from a booster seat.Motor vehicle accidents are a ...

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