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he dropped out of schoolhe stayed one year with his parents in Italy but thencontinued and finished secondary school in Switzerland. Hegot himself into the Swiss Polytechnic Institute where he,studied ...

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Guido Fubini- This essay is about a famous mathematician.

l background. Guido was influenced by his father towards mathematics when he was young. He attended secondary school in Venice where he showed that he was brilliant in mathematics. It was then clear t ...

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Gauss, Carl Friedrich

Gauss's father that his sonshould be permitted to study with a view toward entering a university. Insecondary school nobody recognize his talent for math and science becausehe rapidly distinguished hi ...

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Albert Einstein

in Milan, and when it became clear that he would have to make his own way in theworld, he finished secondary school in Arrau, Switzerland, and entered the Swiss NationalPolytechnic in Zürich. Ei ...

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Gregor Johan Mendel

s.But, it soon became apparent that he was more interested in teaching and science. He wassent to a secondary school in the city of Znaim and the students liked him. But, when hetook the qualifying st ...

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this is a biography on Andrija Mohorovicic

as born on 23 January 1857 in Volosko near Opatija, where he went to elementary school. He attended secondary school in Rijeka and studied mathematics and physics at the Faculty of Philosophy in Pragu ... Prague in 1875. After graduating, he first taught in grammar school in Zagreb (1879-1880) and then secondary school in Osijek. On 1 November 1882 he began to teach at the Nautical School in Bakar, wh ...

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A Detailed Biography of Henry Moore

town, and then in 1910, like several of his brothers and sisters he won a scholarship to Castleford Secondary School, which later became a Grammar School under subsequent reforms and administrative de ... ed to become a sculptor after hearing of Michelangelo's achievements at the age of eleven. While at secondary school Moore's art teacher Miss Alice Gostick influenced him considerably. She introduced ...

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Albert Einstein

in Milan, and when it became clear that he would have to make his own way in theworld, he finished secondary school in Arrau, Switzerland, and entered the Swiss NationalPolytechnic in Zürich. Ei ...

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Academic freedom Vs. Community Freedom

ommunity- A group of people living in the same locality and under the same governmentHigh school- A secondary school that usually includes grades 9 or 10 through 12 (generally ages 14-18)Standards-A r ...

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A brief essay about Carl Gauss written for my statistics class.

a stipend that allowed him tofurther his education. This enabled Gauss to continue his education in secondary schooland the University of Gottingen.Gauss left Gottingen in 1798 without a diploma, but ...

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Hans Gugleot.

ia where he attended primary school in Laren and Hilversum. Hans moved to Switzerland and graduated secondary school in 1940 with A grades. Then he took up studies in Lausanne (school of engineering), ...

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John F. Kennedy.

usiness reason. He had also attended the Canterbury School in New Milford, MA and then he spent his secondary school years at Choate in Wallingford, CT. As a student, Kennedy was average. He had poten ...

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Essay on career planning for specail education students.

Career Planning Strategies for Disabled StudentsCareer counseling in secondary schools is important for all students; but it is especially critical for students with phy ... nitive approaches has been recommended for youth with disabilities while they are still enrolled in secondary school (Biller, 1987). Cognitive approaches have been used to enhance learning in a number ... areness (Biller, 1987)."h Low academic achievement, particularly in literacy (Hoffman et al., 1987).Secondary schools have emphasized academic remediation for these students, particularly in literacy. ...

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The Education System in England: An Overview.

the most time of your school education. You visit it between you are four and eleven years old. The secondary school is the next step. You visit it when you are eleven till sixteen years old. After th ... rs old. After this you are educated enough for doing a job. Furthermore you have the choice between secondary school and college. You visit both till you are eighteen but there is a different way of t ...

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It is a stubborn fly that follows the corpse to the grave.

could take five bottles of stout beer at a time. She developed these bad habits in a private Girls Secondary School. Little wonder my father believed that mixed schools are much better. I have now co ...

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Education in Canada.

the age of 6 or 7 until they are 15 or 16. To make this possible, all non-private education through secondary school is publicly funded. In Quebec, general and vocational colleges are also publicly fu ... colleges are also publicly funded and only a minimal registration fee is required. Most other post-secondary schools charge tuition fees.Canada has no federal educational system (each province or ter ...

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This essay is a biography along with the acheivements of Ernest Rutherford

father, James and mother, Martha Rutherford. In 1887 Ernest won a scholarship to Nelson College, a secondary school; A scholarship here allowed him to enroll in Canterbury College. Graduating with a ...

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19th century Russian writers and how they dealt with the Western Influence of that time.

they had a few more rights than slaves and gained their freedom only in 1861.Nevertheless, as state secondary school and university education became more promptly available, the number of educated ari ...

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In 'The Government Inspector', Nikolai Gogol '...resolved to gather into one heap all that was bad in Russia.' Playing the Mayor, illustrate how you would communicate this to an audience.

in the 19th Century was a country full of corruption, and battles between social classes. As state secondary school and university education became more readily available, the number of educated gent ...

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Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work

n elementary school in North Philadelphia with children from mostly low income families. I attended secondary school in an affluent upper middle class community. There is definately a difference in th ...

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