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Andrew jackson It's on his life during office and before.

n, once he was in office, pleased his followers and supporters by giving them government jobs. In a secondary source by Thomas Bailey and David Kennedy, they described Andrew Jackson's election of 182 ...

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Sources work on the enigma machine.

essages, forced by compressed air, from hut to hut. There are no weaknesses in this source. It is a secondary source but was written by an eyewitness.Question 2:Study sources A, B and C. does C suppor ... ese three sources. No one was allowed into Huts 3 or 6 unless they were authorised. The source is a secondary source but by an eyewitness so is fairly reliable.Question 3:Study sources D and E. how us ...

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ations. Wood wastes from the forest products industry, and many homeowners use wood as a primary or secondary source of home heating. In recent studies, acid rain and global warming have resulted in a ...

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"The Veronian Letter"

ding bells ringing from a small cell in the church in Verona! Why dost this news reach my ears by a secondary source, rather than my dearest friend the cursed lucky bridegroom?! Most Congratulations t ...

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A guide to Accuracy of Information

l is the source.- Just because a source is primary DOES NOT mean it is more reliable than a secondary source.Consider that-1. a person involved in an event may be too close to it to wr ... ask yourself-- does it assist us in understanding a particular issue- usefulness of secondary source, it is a starting point- if encountered source while researching what could ...

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Dicuss similarities and differences between Homer's Iliad and the movie Troy with reference to what the movie has brought to modern day western culture

rilegious, but could merely be viewed as another interpretation of events as "The Iliad" is, too, a secondary source of evidence. The texts differ greatly from one another but contribute to pass on va ...

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Note teaking part 3

ialWhen was it first presented?- is the information still accurate and relevant- is it a primary or secondary source- is it a reprint or a revised/updated edition- is older, is it considered a classic ...

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Archival Research

rching sports history and the legacy of the legendary race horse Red Rum.Archives and documents are secondary sources of information and Hall and Hall (1996) identify that secondary sources of informa ... y that secondary sources of information should not be overlooked because of the usefulness of them. Secondary research is using data that has been collected by others (Scarrott, 1999) which "is borrow ...

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'Napoleon on his achievements, 1816': How far can one rely on written sources left by Napoleon?

ed. It can be said that this is a 'hybrid' source, having the characteristic of being a primary and secondary source, such as Stendal's A Life of Napoleon (Block 2, p.38). This is a primary source in ... re during the time he was speaking about, it is his past he was talking about. The source is also a secondary source due to Las Cases not being present during the period that Napoleon was describing, ...

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The Life Of A Simple Man

of time considered to be as important.The book altogether is not a good historical source. It is a secondary source because it is a book written by an author, which contains characters that may or ma ... asant's shoes and learning about his life. This book is not a reliable historical source as it is a secondary source. It seems more fictitious than real. Etienne is a character I enjoyed reading about ...

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Napolean Invades Egypt

ow do we know which to trust? We can differentiate the different types of sources into primary and secondary sources. Primary sources are those that are written or recorded by someone that witnessed ... mary sources are those that are written or recorded by someone that witnessed an event first hand. Secondary sources are those that are compiled by other people's primary accounts. Someone taking an ...

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Product Analysis Clinique 3 Step System

TOP TWO MAJOR COMPETITORS: 1. Origins 2. Estee Lauder The information was obtained from primary and secondary research. The primary sources were Jennifer Falcon, a Clinique Business Manager and Lori H ... urces were Jennifer Falcon, a Clinique Business Manager and Lori Hinton, a Clinique Consultant. The secondary source was attained from the Estee Lauder website.COMPARE YOUR PRODUCT TO YOUR COMPETITORS ...

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Analysis of the Sharpeville Massacre - useful for UK OCR history students

n an English newspaper. The report was published the day after the Sharpeville massacre making it a secondary source. Source B clearly gives the impression that the police were being threatened and be ... made under oath, by Bishop Ambrose Reeves, of the Anglican Church. The Bishop’s statement is a secondary source, as it was a) given a few days after Sharpeville, and b) was made from a number of ...

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Wage Gap

he purpose of this research is to attest that men earn more than women using a random sample from a secondary source. This research exploits a data set of males and females with characteristics such a ...

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United Kingdom Energy Consumption Trends

mmodate requirements of the future. Resources can be broken up into two groups, primary sources and secondary sources. The National Energy Foundation defines a primary resource as:'A substance that oc ... tance that occurs in nature and can be used to produce energy, such as coal, oil, U-235, ect'.And a secondary source as:'An energy resource that is produced from a primary energy source using technolo ...

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History Essay on the Comparison of two Journal Articles

The following is an evaluation and comparison of two secondary source journal articles. The articles are ‘Interpretations of the Industrial Revoluti ...

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Julis Caesar and the women around him

ence in Caesar's life as his father died when he was in his early teenage years. Syme is a reliable secondary source whose usefulness and significance is determined by the deliberately critical perspe ... , believe it was purely a political marriage. This useful and reliable view is supported by ancient secondary sources, but it is hard to determine the significance behind this marriage alliance withou ...

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Samsonite Corporation New Product Sales forecasting Research- How to estimate Sales of new product Forecasting

stock.Market Research method and identificationMarket research method be obtained from primary and secondary source, both of sources are very significant for our analysis, herewith some method of our ... s historical guidelines to help derive a new product sales forecast. To be honest, we prefer to use secondary data sources so as to saving in time and cost of acquiring information. Thus, if we launch ...

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Listening to a Health Experts

nducted in a certain field. One should also ask oneself if the information being given comes from a secondary source and if so, keep in mind that one is relying on someone else’s interpretation o ...

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Hamlet Thesis

ure what exactly was going on, but Horatio could sense that revolution was bound to take place. Our secondary source made it clear that there was rebellion sprouting in England. As it reads, "The seed ... shows that Shakespeare clearly was voicing his own opinion through a character in his play. In our secondary source we found that "Poverty was rising and vagrancy with it"(What Life was like in the R ...

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