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Concentration Camps

urope. At first, the Gestapo (police) controlled the camps, but by 1934 the S.S. (Hitler's personal security force) controlled the camps.Camps were set up for different purposes: some for forced labor ...

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What is AIDS? Complete definition and history of this fatal disease.

ome) is a condition caused by a virus called HIV. This virus attacks the immune system, the body's "security force" that fights off infections. When the immune system breaks down, you lose this protec ...

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Emerging Bands in the 1970's and Critic's Responses to them

was far from full, and the one lonely rush at the stage quickly stymied by a bored and overstaffed security force. Good signs.” (p. 215)Lester Bangs was a music critic who wrote for both “C ...

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Bolshevik's Regime

ting the regime, the KGB abused the civil and legal rights ofcountless citizens. In many cases, the security police carried out these violations with theauthority of vaguely defined laws; however, the ... ism employed by Stalin, to the more subtle but equally obtrusive practices ofBrezhnev, Soviet state security served to preserve the regime by any means.The first Soviet State Security force was establ ...

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