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The earth is said to be in a state of "dynamic equilibrium." Explain?

ple in your area (Arizona) would be the Grand Canyon. Tectonic forces are causing the uplift of the sedimentary rocks exposed in its walls, and the erosional power of the Colorado River is causing the ... where they are deposited. Through the process of lithification, they may then be converted into new sedimentary rocks, which can then be uplifted and eroded again.The equilibrium part relates to how t ...

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uminium is to mine the ore, which is called Bauxite. Bauxite is formed by the natural weathering of sedimentary rocks which contain a high proportion of Aluminium- bearing minerals.Aluminium is the mo ...

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Determining the Age of a Fossil

plant or animal died. Others are tracks or trails left by moving animals. Most fossils are found in sedimentary rocks. These fossils formed from plant or animal remains that were quickly buried in sed ... ically, giving rise to entirely new forms of life.The location of fossils in the strata (layers) of sedimentary rock can show how living things increased in complexity through time. As sediment was de ...

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horus has an extremely slow cycle due to the fact that large quantity of this nutrient is stored in sedimentary rocks for considerable period. As a result, this nutrient often limits the primary produ ... properly, and they also have abnormal appetites for bones.Phosphorus CyclePhosphorus cycles through sedimentary rocks, water and living organisms (see figure 1). Since phosphorus is solid at the earth ...

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Geographical Analysis of the Hawkesbury - Nepean River Catchment

ers of the Sydney Basin area.The physical terrain of the Hawkesbury consists geologically of mainly sedimentary rocks such as sandstone and shale, and its rugged form is generally due to human impact ...

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Rock Cycle: Enviromental Managment

ffered as erosion,this sediments also deposites in layers and become compacted and cemented forming sedimentary rocks(process of formin sedimentary rocj is call Lithification).Variation in temperature ... erature, pressure or the chemestryof the rock can cause chemical or physical changes in igneous and sedimentary rocks to form Methamorphical rocks.When expose to higher temperature,methamorphosical ro ...

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Diamond, A Mineral

minerals, calcite, gypsum, halite, igneous rocks (fire formed rocks), extrusive or volcanic rocks, sedimentary rocks, and metamorphic rocks are the 11 among the important rock-forming minerals. They ...

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Crude Oil

s formed? Oil was formed by microscopic aquatic organisms getting trapped in airless spaces between sedimentary rocks. These are then altered by contact with surrounding bacteria and clay particles, t ...

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o grow."" Concretions are hard compact accumulations of mineral matter and are found inside sedimentary rocks. Some examples of this are Sandstone and in some weathered volcanic rock. Concreti ... mmon of the shapes is spherical or disk shaped. Concretions are the most varied-shaped rocks of the sedimentary world. The way concretions come to be is the mineral matter concentrates around the nucl ...

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List the impacts of changing sea levels and climate on Australia

e. As mountain ranges eroded, sediments many kilometres thick were laid down over vast areas. These sedimentary rocks were then subjected to folding, faulting and uplifting. Over time, the forces of w ... ars ago. After the ice melted, parts of the continent subsided and were covered by sediment to form sedimentary basins such as the GreatArtesian Basin.· Australia is the continent with thelowes ...

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