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History of the periodic table--Alexandre Beguyer de Chancourtois

in of the triads appeared below one another in his spiral. In particular the tetrad oxygen, sulfur, selenium and tellurium fell together, and he called his device the "telluric helix".The atomic weigh ...

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Health Journal

en provides 72.0% of the daily value for niacin.Chicken is also a good source of the trace mineral, selenium. Selenium is of fundamental importance to human health. It is an essential component of sev ... n trials and studies on animal models of cancer have suggested a strong inverse correlation between selenium intake and cancer incidence ( mechanisms have been suggested to explain ...

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Selenium- physical and chemical properties, uses

Selerium- SeAtomic Number - 34 Atomic mass- 78.96FAMILY Group 16 ChalcogenPhysical propertiesSelenium occurs in numerous allotropic forms, but is typically in an amorphous or crystalline struct ... n an amorphous form is either a brick -red powder or in a black vitreous form.These arrangements of selenium do not have definite melting points. However, they progressively become softer when they ar ...

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