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Compare and contrast 'Hide and Seek' by Vernon Scannell and 'Half-past Two' by U. A. Fanthorpe

y as the realisation of his abandonment occurs. The mood is analogous to the tone. At first, we can sense the excitement. This modifies to anxiety and nervousness towards the end. The poet uses langua ... exclamation marks are used to show the enthusiasm of the boy. Scannell uses personification and the senses to describe the surrounding atmosphere in a vivid way. Therefore, the reader gets a clearer i ...

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Jackson Pollock's influence on modern art

he painting is subjective and emotional, deriving its content from the unconscious of the artist. A sense of rhythm and unity is created through the surface texture and numerous amounts of spidery lin ...

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Language Analysis of Poem: "Memories" by Jerry Ham

low and understand. He employs a rhyme scheme, two rhyming couplets per three pairs of lines, and a sense of rhythm by using the same number of syllables in each pair of lines. This rhythm seems like ...

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The Waking

e in this poem is extremely effective. The way each rhyme rolls off my tongue gives the poem a true sense of rhythm.2. Slant rhyme occurs when the rhyme is not exact. Slant rhyme is seen in lines 13 a ... as though the use of slant rhyme broke up the rhythm of the poem, I felt that it truly added to its sense of character.Recognizing a Villanelle 1. The line of the poem that is repeated in lines 6, 12, ...

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Soneet 116

n has a rhyme scheme of ABAC where "minds" rhymes with "finds".The poet uses the rhymes to create a sense of rhythm in the poem.The first line consists of an example of alliteration in the words "me", ...

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Baka Family Life

o their lives. Music has a central role in the life of the Baka. From an early age they have a keen sense of rhythm, as soon as a baby is able to clap it is encouraged to participate in all the commun ...

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Stanley Getz

lly realized how easy it was for him to read and memorize music. His father also realized his son's sense of rhythm and pitch and decided to buy him an alto saxophone. Getz's passion for the saxophone ...

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