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"Love is Not All: It is Not Meat Nor Drink," a sonnet by Edna St. Vincent Millay - Explicated

rk is similar to Italian or Petrarchan sonnet; it is divided into two parts, an octet followed by a sestet. However the rhythm scheme does not follow the Italian form. In the first portion of the poem ... e fullness of life. The sonnet follows the Italian form using the octet to raise an issue, with the sestet to resolve or comment on that issue.In the sestet, lines nine through twelve also follow the ...

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"Henry Purcell" by Gerard Manley Hopkins.

ns with two quatrains, which describe the musician from whom the poem takes its name, followed by a sestet that takes a closer look at the music that he (Henry Purcell) created. However, a sonnet is u ...

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John Donne's Holy Sonnet "Batter my heart".

constructed to conform to the Italian or Petrarchan structure of a sonnet, with two quatrains and a sestet with an ABBA-ABBA-CDCDDD rhyme scheme. The basic rhythm is iambic pentameter, although certai ... iceroy in me"(Line 7), appears to have failed in his duties "and proves weak or untrue"(Line 8).The sestet deals with lust and the knot of marriage. The speaker loves God on a spiritual and mental lev ...

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Analysis of Three Sonnets by William Wordsworth.

r the Italian poet Petrarch, is composed of fourteen lines, divided in two sections: the octave and sestet. The octave is the first eight lines, and the sestet contains the last six lines. The rhyme s ... Wordsworth employed throughout his sonnets. The general rhyme scheme for the octet is ABBAABBA. The sestet rhyme scheme has several acceptable possibilities like BCBCBC, CDECDE, CDCDCD, and CDCDEE.In ...

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"Ozymandias" This paper outlines the different types of sonnets and points out which type "Ozymandias" is. It also analyzes and gives an overview of the sonnet.

or Petrarchan sonnet due to the author's traditional use of an octave, to relate an anecdote, and a sestet, to reinforce the point of the poem. His rhyme scheme however, is not the normal Italian styl ...

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Words Are worth Much

hat has two parts; the first eight lines form an octave in abbaabba form. The next six lines form a sestet in the pattern of cdcdcd. However, as affirmed in the book, William Wordsworth forms his brea ... cd. However, as affirmed in the book, William Wordsworth forms his break between the octave and the sestet within line nine instead of between the lines of 8 and 9. This goes to show that some poets b ...

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The Return Home

escribes how the city seems fresh and unpolluted at dawn, when London seems to still be asleep. The sestet continues on to reveal London in a more romantic form. At dawn, the sun rises "in his first s ... years, losing their focus on religion and lack of being a civilized country. Nature is used in the sestet to further describe how Milton's "soul was like a star" and how he had "a voice whose sound w ...

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"Anthem for Doomed Youth" Wilfred Owen

ented choirs") and its gross evil ("the monstrous anger of the guns") are depicted. The contrasting sestet (last 6 lines) of the sonnet describes the sorrowing young ones' communities and friends. The ... tivity to the death of these young, brave soldiers.The poem is structured as an Octet followed by a Sestet. The brevity of the poem suggests that there is little to be said about doomed youth as there ...

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Shakespearean and Petrarchan Sonnets

onsists of an eight line stanza, which is calledan octave, and a six line stanza, which is called a sestet. The first stanza usually presents a theme and the second stanza develops that theme. The rhy ...

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A critical analysis of Caroline Norton's sonnet, 'To My Books', paying particular attention to form, imagery, and voice.

begins the reader is captured by form. The rhyme scheme is ABAB CDCD in the octave and EFEF in the sestet. The couplet has the rhyme scheme of GG. Most of the lines have ten syllables, and a few have ... d soft. It is as if the author is whispering softly to the books, her "Friends", in the octave. The sestet has a twist, it is as if the author is speaking boldly to her "Friends", letting them know sh ...

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John Keats' "When I have fears that I may cease to be": Analysis of Sonnet

h an elevated tone and is divided into three quatrains and rhyming couplet as opposed to octave and sestet. Continuity is gained by the repetition of the word "when" at the beginning of each quatrain. ...

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William Wordsworth's "The World is Too Much With Us"

anted (4).This poem is a 14-line sonnet following the Petrarchan rhyme scheme of ABBAABBA, with the sestet, the last six lines following a rhyme scheme of CDCDCD. Each line is written in iambic pentam ... syllables in each one. The poet provides in answer to the conflict in the first eight lines in the sestet. His voice is one of distaste and disapproval. He writes about religion, showing that he is o ...

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Analysis And Comparison Of 2 Sonnets

nes, in this case periods. These periods effectively divide the octet into two equal quatrains. The sestet is then divided into two sections, the first one being four lines long, followed by a colon. ... long, followed by a colon. After the colon are the last two lines, concluding both the poem and the sestet. The meter of this poem is also quite regular, it has a smooth rhythm, and flows out of the m ...

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February Afternoon by Edward Thomas

uses a standard sonnet layout of 14 lines. A spilt after line 8 creates an octave of 8 lines and a sestet of 6. The octave exhibits a Petrarchan rhyme scheme, using an ABBAABBA pattern, the sestet ho ... .asp). Concluding the octave, Thomas questions if the world will go on indefinitely without him.The sestet continues the theme. Line 12 bringing the first literal mention of war, clearly an influence ...

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Design by Robert Frost

a sonnet which is broken up into two stanzas written in iambic pentameter, one an octave and one a sestet.The poem begins with the poet showing a strange natural coincidence in the first three lines, ... well as breaking up the different points that the poet is trying to make.In the second stanza, the sestet, the poet questions how the coincidence of the three white beings came to be. Rhetorical ques ...

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Elizabeth barrett browning - encyclopedia extract

ect of love. The Italian sonnet, which is what Elizabeth wrote in, has two parts-the octave and the sestet. The octave always asks the question, and the sestet answers. Though the rhyme scheme of the ...

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Spring And Fall

et beginning in line 7 draws attention to itself-- Herzog 2 especially observing that the following sestet goes back to the previous couplet style. This difference is no mistake-- the purpose is to ma ...

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“The World is Too Much With Us” by Wordsworth

is people have given away their hearts, and in doing so have lost their appreciation for nature.The sestet in this poem differs in this poem from that of any other sonnet. Instead of starting on the n ... defiance to follow the ways of other writers and to show his individuality. At the beginning of the sestet the writer asks God to be transformed in to something else, anything that will disassociate w ...

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February Afternoon by Edward Thomas

is Petrarchan sonnet includes an octave that has two quatrains where the tense is in the past and a sestet (with the following rhyme scheme CDD ECE) that consists of two tercets, but the tense is in t ... n the octave. However, the sonnet does have a colloquial tone too.The most distinctive sound in the sestet is 'K', with the consonance words 'oak', 'like', strike' and 'stroke' these have been used to ...

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Analysis of 'The Soldier'

bic pentameter which are then divided into two stanzas - an opening octave followed by a concluding sestet. The first octave consists of 2 quatrains in which the rhyming scheme is abab-cdcd; this foll ... rhyming scheme is abab-cdcd; this follows the Shakespearean/Elizabethan form of rhyme, however the sestet follows the Petrarchan/Italian form of rhyme (efg-efge).The Soldier was written in 1914, just ...

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