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THE DEFENCE OF SEVASTOPOL (1854 - 1855) (Undying Pride of the Ukraine)

THE DEFENCE OF SEVASTOPOL (1854 - 1855)(Why is Ukraine/Russia proud of the defence of Sevastopol?)IntroductionThe s ... eat Britain and Ireland, France, Turkey and Italy (Sardinia) act as a coalition against the city of Sevastopol.The defence of Sevastopol during the Crimean war has entered the history of Ukraine as on ... one of the cherished pages of the art of war.The coalition's forces were much greater than those of Sevastopol. Sevastopol being a city on coast had a big fleet of 14 sailing battle ships, 6 sailing a ...

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The Crimean War

h - Turk alliance was formed.The allies focused on the Crimean Peninsula, in the hopes of capturing Sevastopol. This would be detrimental to the Russians, as it was home to the Russian Black Sea Fleet ... the allies landed on Calamita Bay. They rushed down the coast in haste and successfully surrounded Sevastopol. The Russians saw that their first opportunity was to attack the British supply depot on ...

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