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Analysis of "The River-Merchant's Wife: A Letter," by Ezra Pound

Pound is not only a letter from a woman to her husband, but is also a narrative of a young woman's sex life. It tells of a river merchant's wife's feelings on sex throughout her life and marriage. It ... s to go away on business. Never once does the poem mention love, but it does elude to the fact that sex is better when some feeling is involved.Line one and two of the first stanza state, "While my ha ...

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Difference Bonobo and Chimpanzee Essay

ive in groups need to reconcile aggression. Social groups require some form of conflict resolution. Sexual behavior is one such mechanism to overwhelm aggression.Bonobo sex life is divorced from repro ... om reproduction and also serves the functions of pleasure and conflict resolution. Females are in a sexually attractively state most of the time, and almost continuously sexually active. Sexual activi ...

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The obvious reason for designer perfumes is to impress and to lure the opposite sex and each advertisement chosen blatantly uses sex to advertise their respective products. The Fre ... n advertisement shows a man in bed with a very happy woman. The advertisement also has very obvious sexual implications. In the Azzaro advertisement, there is a man shown at a woman's doorstep. The re ... . The companies are implying that the quality of the cologne ties together with the quality of your sex life.Since the French Connectionadvertisement is marketing a fragrance for "him" and "her" they ...

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Have Chinese perceptions towards Homosexuality become more or less conservative?

Throughout China's history homosexuality has been tolerated but in the twentieth century this dramatically changed to a more conser ... ieth century this dramatically changed to a more conservative culture. But the proposition that homosexuality was completely tolerated in traditional china must be qualified by the arguments that a mo ... t a more conservative shift had already begun to occur in the Qing dynasty, that the submissive homosexual partner was not accepted and that men were forced to be bisexual in order to procreate.Since ...

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Sex in "Rabbit Redux" by John Updike

years from the previous book. Rabbit, now definitely past his prime, has lost his athleticism, his sex life, and the excitement he once sought. Sex is a very central subject in Rabbit Redux; the book ... Redux; the book's main conflict occurs around it, and the characters often reflect on it. For each, sex means something unique, and the feeling associated with it changes over time. Whether they try t ...

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Canterbury Tales

for a true nun.Nuns now are more responsible in the fact that they realize that they gave up their sex life when they joined the church. In the "General Prologue" the nun dresses seductively an ...

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Catcher In The Rye

aking self-destructive choices. Holden, in the other hand, escapes reality by fantasizing about his sex life, random immature things, and his future dream. Holden often tried to escape reality ... , and his future dream. Holden often tried to escape reality by fantasizing or talking about sexual thoughts. When he experienced loneliness and alienation, he called Carl Luce to have a couple ...

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avior about Harley secretly dating Callie Mercer (explanation will come later), and her promiscuous sex life. I think the major conflict would have to be Harley facing who he is and what his family is ... ley's confusion because her situation with their father leads him to believe there was some sort of sexual relationship going on. She is also important in developing the plot because the fact that she ...

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Black like me 2

while Griffin was hitchhiking through Mississippi. The whites were all keens on inquiring about his sex life, which they were convinced, was different than their own. "What's the matter haven't you go ... ? Griffin was taken aback by the questions, he had no idea that there were such rumors of a black's sex life.Another part in the book shows that the whites did not understand why blacks stayed in thei ...

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n idea of the direction in which the story is proceeding. The fact that she is so upfront about her sex life says a lot about her moral characteristics. Throughout the entire story the main character ... he entire story the main character gives a lengthy anthology of the guys she has been involved with sexually. Her openness and willingness to get sexually involved with the numerous amounts of boys gi ...

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Always On Time

you know the name and love is about pain So, stop the complaints and drop the order restraints Our sex life's a game so bat me down in the paint 'Cause I can't wait no more 'Cause it's about a quarte ...

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Evaluation of Depression and Breast Cancer

gs will arise. Counseling can be particularly helpful when breast cancer can disrupt relationships, sex life, or plans for childbearing. If patients are experiencing depression, they may improve more ... the loss of a breast. Patients may also experience a diminished sense of femininity and changes in sexual function, all of which may trigger depression.Causes of depression are continually being revi ...

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Family Abuse Related to Child Development in Flowers For Algernon.

rest of his life, even when Charlie became intelligent, he could not have a normal relationship or sex life with Alice. He could not give her the emotional and sexual needs that she wanted in a relat ... al needs child his entire life became perplexed. After being beaten for normal bodily reactions his sex drive was scrambled. Forcing his entire adulthood before and after the surgery was a mess becaus ...

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Health care and Medical Needs of the Elderly/Article Summaries on Positive and Negative Effects of Aging

rticle that seemed to be widespread publication just a couple of weeks ago was an article about the sex lives of the elderly. The Washington Post, along with numerous other newspapers, titled this art ... t, along with numerous other newspapers, titled this article “Many Older Americans Have Active Sex Lives.” This struck me as somewhat of an odd title, because, even though I opt not to think ...

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Celebrity Media

about people. Many sophisticated readers, for example, think the personal life of politician’s sex life bears no relevance to the merits of his or her platform, but many think it says something p ...

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