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hes such as that the fetishist usuallyneeds to look at, touch, or smell during or preparing for the sexual act. Insome cases just the sight of the fetish could result in an orgasm.The Freudian view of ... r to men that castration is possible. This anxiety would cause thefetishist to associate his or her sexual desire with another body part or object.By doing this he or she can link sexual experience wi ...

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Lolita Complex

Hannah AttiaProfessor Daphne RankinHuman SexualityFetishizing Innocence: the Lolita ComplexWhile the most common way of defining a fetish is, ... ny that a fetish can only be an inanimate object, but as seen in the definition, it can also be the sexual desire for a specific idea or activity. One of the ways that make sexual fantasies different ... f outfit choices, hairstyles, or even word choice and way of speaking. It is not only pedophiles or sexual predators that play into these fetishes, but instead, this "Lolita" innocence fetish is being ...

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