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A moral view on gays in the military.

In answering the question of whether or not homosexuals should be allowed in the military it is necessary to first resolve the question of whether o ... the military's effectiveness or the abilities of those involved. A major claim seems to be that homosexuals do compromise the army and it's members, and therefore should not be allowed to enlist. Howe ... nlist. However, if this logic is sound and is the basis for decision-making, it follows that if homosexuals do not compromise the army and it's members then they should be allowed to enlist.On one sid ...

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Can men and women be "just friends".

Can men and women be just friends without any sexual tension between them? I don't believe so. I believe, both from personal experience and from s ... from personal experience and from several scholarly sources, that there is always, at some point, a sexual attraction between two people of the opposite sex who have a friendly, pleasant relationship. ... e a friendly, pleasant relationship. There are too many natural human instincts that drive us to be sexually attracted to a person for male-female friends to not ever experience physical attraction to ...

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This article was written for a class called Writing in Media. It is titled, "Bored With TV? Try Fan Fiction."

On the show X-Files there has always been sexual tension between Scully and Mulder. Fans of the show have asked if they will ever start dating ...

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Men Vs Women

hook you up with their friends. You are such cool friends that you can spend the night without any sexual activity; however, the sexual tension is still there.The final category that men tend to plac ... girl friend. As far as men are concerned there is no such thing as a platonic relationship because sexual tension exists in every opposite sex relationship.

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Cat In The Rain Vs A&p

by Ernest Hemingway and "A&P", by John Updike, both have a character with in it that has sexual tension. In "Cat in the Rain", the husband wants his wife to have hair short like a man ... what he thinks is right to get the girls that walked into the store. Both characters are stuck in a sexual dilemma. The boy in "A&P" does not know what to do.As Sammy, was working the cash r ...

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Storms of Passion and Nature: Kate Chopin's "The Storm"

the gathering storm. The way the story is told the very atmosphere is charged with electricity and sexual tension caused by the storm and the unexpected arrival of Alcee.She allows herself to accept ...

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Existentialism In Film

and witty, who were hard drinkers and fast livers. They smoldered with a barely sublimated intense sexual tension. The French critics of the day were the first to hail the new style, which they calle ...

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Trigger Effect (movie review)

oing on in the city. Annie suggests a sort of slumber party for the three adults. Koepp then uses a sexual tension between Joe and Annie to magnify the miscommunication in Matt and Annie's marriage.Ev ...

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alixta.A storm symbolizes conflict and turmoil. Chopin uses the image of the storm to represent the sexual tension building throughout the story between Alcee and Calixta. As the storm worsens, so doe ... her hands to her eyes and with a cry, staggered backward" in nervousness.After Alcees and Calixtas sexual encounter, "The growl of the thunder was distant and passing away." Everything seemed renewed ...

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Adult Swim

exists within television. In regards to the text, "Sealab 2021" exposes social conflict in terms of sexual tension, race relations, and generalizations. Set on the ocean floor, "Sealab" is a self-cont ...

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Inaccessible Oedipus: Comparing Olivier's and Branagh's Women (an contrast between Gertrude and Ophelia in Lawrence Olivier's Hamlet and Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet)

lm.Freud first introduced the idea of an Oedipus complex; he described it as a part of normal psychosexual development where a young boy falls in love with his mother and may even develop sexual feeli ... y with the concept as seen in their children, few can relate to the idea of a grown man who harbors sexual feelings for his mother. People best identify with characters or ideas that are often seen in ...

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