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Not all think alike - Philosophers of China

more important philosophers that appeared in the lifetime of China, Mencius, Xunzi, Daoists, Mozi, Shang Yang and Han Feizi; just like the ice age changed the physical structure of the western contin ... ing; the idea behind these punishments was to make sure no one would break the laws. There was Lord Shang Yang (d.338 BC) the chief minister of the state of Qin, who took into his hands the task of ma ...

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The Success of the Qin Dynasty

nt element in the unification of China. The Qin built an empire on the "foundations of reforms that Shang Yang carried out in the years following 359 BC". The build-up of the Qin military allowed for ... hat was able to supress the people of China and aid in the unification of the nation. Instituted by Shang Yang, statesman during the Qin period, Legalism was a method of rule that was hard on laws and ...

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The most import dynasty for china history

ch as political, culture and social reforms. For the political reform, the country of Qin access to Shang Yang's idea to carried on the reform. Culture reform was the most important for the China hist ... d time in the China history.For the police reform, the most important reform was the reform of Lord Shang. Lord Shang was the person who helped the king to handling files and daily affairs, "Shang Yan ...

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