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Clipping the Fin Trade- Summary. Shark finning summary written on the article from science news.

n area that is protected from most fishing. The last thing he expected to find was a finless, dying shark. Someone had hauled in the six-foot gray reef shark, sliced off its fins and tossed it overboa ... erican) a bowl. Aw, chairman of OceanNEnvironment, a marine-conservation group, vowed then to fight shark finning. A pound of shark fins brings in two hundred dollars (American) while a pound shark me ...

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A Pursuasive Essay on Why Shark Finning Should Be Banned

Shark Finning Should Be BannedShark finning is a cruel act which should be banned worldwide. Sharks ... herman than others. The most common species to be caught are dolphins, turtles, swordfish, tuna and sharks. The fishermen unhook every single carcass, whether it is dead or half-alive. Tuna and Swordf ... others are considered "by-catch" and are discarded as "trash", dead or alive. The exception is the shark whose fins are easily stored in the deep freezers on board the vessel after being hacked from ...

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Shark Cruelty

Shark Cruelty Should Be Banned There are over 500 species of sharks and they exist in every marine e ... me near beaches, this is costing them over 9 billion dollars, ---that you pay. As well, millions of sharks a year are being caught illegally for food, skin and being used for products, such as wallets ... he millions, animals that can't speak for themselves, animals that are becoming close to extinction.Sharks do attack humans, yes. Sharks have killed people before, yes. But does that mean we should cu ...

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moster would act this way. That same question plagues my mind when exploring the inhumane world of shark fishing. Currently one out of five shark species are listed as threatened or endangered (Proje ... out of five shark species are listed as threatened or endangered (ProjectAware). The overfishing of sharks, primarily the fins, is an environmental concern affecting a wide range of bystanders. Devast ...

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