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The Hound of the Baskervilles

Imagine this Sherlock Holmes and his trusted sidekick Watson sitting around in an old county townhouse. When sudd ... imagine it? Did it seem real or is it just the work of fiction to you.In hound of the Baskervilles Sherlock Holmes and Watson are out to seek a phantom dog that has fiery eyes and that is killing eve ... y is when Watson discovers that the mysterious man living on the moor is non-other then his partner Sherlock Holmes.Now that Watson and Holmes were working together on the case it was easy for them to ...

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Its Is a short summary about Sherlock Holmes for Hounds Of The Baskervilles

Sherlock Holmes is a very complex character, he has many different qualities. You can almost think y ... e. When he questions someone, he ask them every single question that can do with that case, because Sherlock Holmes know that he might not be able to question them again later. Holmes thinks a lot of ...

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Trapped - FYI im scotish so a few phrases may be a bit alien but easily fixed!

t rummaging around in her bag."Oh have we broken down?" she said in a rather sarcastic tone.No shit Sherlock."Seems like it." I said in a rather unenthusiastic voice"Oh and you don't like elevators do ...

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Fishy: a tale of my most interesting (yes interesting) pet fish

ned quite a few pets in the years that followed always naming them after a few days of observation, Sherlock, Maxwell Smart, Poirot, and Tracey all after famous detectives for luckJack as it turned ou ...

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Patriarchal society of Sherlock Holmes.

During the Victorian era as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created various adventures of Sherlock Holmes, he was surrounded by a patriarchal society. The assumption that women were inferior ... m "social" tasks. Men ate meat while women ate cake, strawberries, and custard (Bird 1). In various Sherlock Holmes stories featuring females, Doyle devises plots that depend on women, however they ar ... tained like colonized foreign subjects (Favor 398). Conan Doyle's views pertaining to women colored Sherlock's as he created three damsels- in - distress stories, "A Case of Identity," "The Copper Bee ...

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Hound of the Baskerville.

s by lying to the bellhop to gain information about the guests who have checked in since Sir Henry. Sherlock also practices deceit, and his trickery clues us in to a maneuver he will pull when he sugg ...

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"Spy Kids"

ing room." What happened!" they all shouted. A screen popped open in front of them and a man called Sherlock (the boss of the ZI3) said,"Good afternoon this is Sherlock, I have got a new assignment fo ...

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Sherlock Homes Film Review

Sherlock Homes and the Temple of Fear Film Review Sherlock Homes and the Temple of Fear is directed ... t in the Victorian era. It is about a teenage boy who is around the age of seventeen, who is called Sherlock Homes. Sherlock dreams of being a professional detective and is always doing anything he ca ... John Watson is a teenage boy who is small and chubby and loves custard tarts. Early on in the movie Sherlock and Watson meet because they share a bedroom along with a few other boys. As they all go to ...

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Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes vs. BBC's SherlockA research paper comparing and contrasting the original Sherlock Holmes novels to the BBC TV series.

Elementary"There is nothing new under the sun. It has all been done before." -Sherlock Holmes, AStudy in ScarletThe story of Sherlock Holmes has certainly been done before. Since ... ave been plays, books, and hundreds of movies retelling Holmes's tale. One such recreation is BBC's Sherlock, a televised mini-series based on Doyle's works. I started watching the show after hearing ... it before the end of the first episode. I was first drawn in by the fascinating characterization of Sherlock himself. He is not at all your standard hero - in fact, he's really not a hero at all. BBC' ...

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Sherlock Holmes: A Fanfiction

ets fell from his coat and showered the carpet."Bloody hell," he said. "It's soaking wet out there."Sherlock sat on the couch, legs stretched out in front of him, head reclined on the back. He had bee ... stared at John momentarily, as though trying to figure out who he was, then smiled."There you are," Sherlock said."Here I am." John started unbuttoning his coat. "What are you doing, then? Watching it ...

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This isnt even an essay

ence."John." Pressing the phone to my ear, his deep voice echoed through the speakers."What's wrong Sherlock, are you okay?" I spoke composedly, used to his constant outbursts. When all I heard was hi ... ot eyes darted up until I noticed a dark figure standing dangerously close to the edge of the roof. Sherlock's woollen knee-length coat flapped in the icy gusts of mid-winter, his dark hair ruffled me ...

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