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Amory Blaine's "Mirrors" in Fitzgerald's "This Side of Paradise"

In F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel This Side of Paradise, Amory Blaine searches for his identity by 'mirroring' people he admires. Howe ... mics the actions of men he looks up to. Eleanor Savage and Burne Holiday serve as prime examples of this. Until Amory loses his pivotal 'mirror,' Monsignor Darcy, he searches for his soul in all the w ... ially, Amory is shopping at a personality store, trying each one on until he can find one that fits.This personality imitation began when Amory spent his adolescent years in the presence of his flambo ...

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"The Life of Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald"

"This Side of Paradise" is beautiful, ugly, brave, cowardly, immaculate, flawed. It'sparadise lost an ... ife and manshould or shouldn't be, all at once. I can perfectly understand why someone wouldn't likethis novel, wouldn't understand, wouldn't appreciate. But I also understand that if all theworld wer ... mory-lovers, or evenAmory-haters - somehow the world would just collapse and be ruined. And I think this isalso a bit of what Fitzgerald was trying to impart, so it is as it should be."(Bartleby,quote ...

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Book Review for "This Side of Paradise" by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

"This Side of Paradise" tells the life of Amory Blaine from his childhood through his twenties. He wa ... story ends with his hand outstretched towards the sky and he says "I know myself, but that is all."This book was very insightful. Amory comes to see his own selfishness which is what many of us in so ... hing that doesn't exactly benefit anything else but us? Answering for myself, I say A LOT of times. This book though was not exactly outstanding nor extraordinary. There was no real plot or action it ...

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Paving the Way for the Jazz Age

magazine and the Nassau Literary Magazine (par. 4). F. Scott Fitzgerald published his first novel, This Side of Paradise, in 1920 (F. Scott Fitzgerald par.1, <>). "Immature t ... in 1920 (F. Scott Fitzgerald par.1, <>). "Immature though it seems today, This Side of Paradise in 1920 was a revelation of the new morality of the young; it made Fitzgerald ...

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