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Looking in Depth. On Culture.

le in Pakistan, there are only four states, but many different cultures. There are Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, and many more. But when we come to see the similarities in those culture and what ...

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Economic Impact On Pakistan Due To Ongoing Conflicts With India.

countries was a very painful process for both sides as much bloodshed followed. Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs killed one another in their respective strongholds. This ethnic strife resulted in massive gen ...

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me means "He who was born at the home of his mother'sparents", which was in Talwandi, near Labone ("Sikhs"647). We know little about Nanak's life but a lot about hisbeliefs from a book called " Adi Gr ... many disciples, or"sikha" (this is where the name Sikh comes from). These"sikhas" were the original Sikhs. Before Guru Nanak died heappointed a successor from among his disciples to be thesecond guru. ...

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What lead to the Sikh Massacre in 1985, in India?

here were violent riots in small and large Sikh communities around the country of India. Many young Sikhs did not understand why their fathers were being thrown into the streets and lit on fire, they ... understand why.Indira Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India at the time had turned anti-Sikh because Sikhs worldwide wanted their own country, Khalistan. Sikhs believed that if the Islamic community co ...

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ters of Sikhism and faith and culture within the religion. The followers of the religion are called Sikhs, meaning diciples. Sikhism is an intriguing and interesting religion consisting of many differ ... ing religion consisting of many different believes and aspects of other religions. The main body of Sikhs in the world are located at the Punjab. The Punjab was the main route into India taken by Musl ...

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This is an annotated bibliography on Sikhism - it ws used for a world history class

ke an accurate and comprehensive overview of Sikh history. This book focuses on the founding of the Sikhs, Guru Nanak, the Sikh doctrine, and the ethics of the religion. This book also explores Sikh b ... als. After reading this book, the reader comes away with a very solid foundation of knowledge about Sikhs. I would recommend this book to those interested in world religions.Kalsi, Sewa Singh. Simple ...

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Guru Granth Sahib.Who and What is a Sikh? The word 'Sikh' in the Punjabi language means 'disciple', Sikhs are the disciples of God who follow the writings and teachings of the Ten Sikh Gurus. The wisd ... human form. The goal of our life is to lead an exemplary existence so that one may merge with God. Sikhs should remember God at all times and practice living a virtuous and truthful life while mainta ...

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ted in praise of the Gurus and there are lectures on Sikhism.4. Food is important in this festival. Sikhs come together to eat special food such as KarahThe procession of the akhand path:1. Akhand pat ... eral public outside some gurdwaras.How to commemorate Gurpurbs:1. People gather in the gurudwaras2. Sikhs scholars deliver lectures3. scholars uninterrupted readings of the Guru Granth take place4. Bh ...

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Sikhism: Structures and Functions of the Gurdwara

ted that I wanted to go in depth to learn more about Sikhism and to gain a better understanding.For Sikhs, the Guru Granth Sahib is the living spirit of the Gurus. The Gurdwara is the home of the Guru ... he Gurdwara is open all the time, for everyone. It is a place for worship, and service to God.Hence Sikhs offer all their respect by taking off their shoes and humbly sitting cross-legged in a Gurdwar ...

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that originated in the Punjab, northwest India. Approximately two percent of India's population is Sikhs. Small communities of Sikhs also exist in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Malay ... st religious authority. Guru Gobind Singh, was the last Guru, he proclaimed that after him that all Sikhs would use the holy book of Sikhism, Guru Granth Sahib. His picture below.Their belief is that ...

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Bhagat Puran Singh: A legacy

eings. Bhagat Puran Singh is one of the rare persons that cross the Earth, but sadly not many young Sikhs know his name. From just giving moral support to saving lives, Bhagat Ji has done such good de ...

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Kamagata Maru

The infamous Kamagata Maru incident is the most significant event for Sikhs in Canadian history. It was caused by both the British and Canadian governments, who at that t ... h the British and Canadian governments, who at that time were extremely racist and intolerant about Sikhs from India. The Kamagata Maru incident in India corresponds to the Indian people's struggle fo ... he British Empire. While in Canada it is a reminder of the tremendously unjust law of exclusion for Sikhs and other immigrants from India. The state of Canadian Sikhs both before and after this event ...

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The Sikhs

e means "He who was born at the home of his mother's parents", which was in Talwandi, near Labone ("Sikhs" 647). We know little about Nanak's life but a lot about his beliefs from a book called " Adi ... ny disciples, or "sikha" (this is where the name Sikh comes from). These "sikhas" were the original Sikhs. Before Guru Nanak died he appointed a successor from among his disciples to be the second gur ...

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Sikhism Interest Studies Project - Year Twelve

torical accuracy has not been established regarding the stories of Guru Nanak and his life, but for Sikhs, these stories still provide a clear path to learn more about spiritual truth. One of the more ... ounded the city of Ramdaspur, later renamed Amritsar. This city was to be a focal meeting point for Sikhs, especially on festival days that his father (Guru Amar Das, the previous guru) had set in pla ...

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French Foriegn Legion

had great success in using natives of regions for protection of its empire such as the Gurkhas and Sikhs. The French came up with a concept that evolved into an elite fighting force that is world-ren ...

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Cultural Misunderstandings of Indians Among the American Community         Although East

artman).There are cultural misunderstandings and stereotypes that all East Indians are "Hindus? or "Sikhs". There are varied sub-ethnic groups of different religions with varied languages in the commu ... Hinduism, which is not true. Some immigrants were Hindus, others were Muslims, and yet others were Sikhs. They follow a religion of Sikhism, a blend of elements from Hinduism and Islam. Back in their ...

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dged sword) and it symbioses Gods concern for truth and justice.The followers of Sikhism are called Sikhs.Founded about 500 years ago.Began when Hindus and Muslims were living together in India. The r ... uru became known as Guru Nanak (he was the founder if this religion) Guru means teacher. 12 million Sikhs live in Punja were it first began.Guru Nanak was born 15th April 1469. His parents were Hindus ...

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Legacy India

to the religions which developed in India after the time of the Aryans, like Buddhists, Jains, and Sikhs, are all embraced as part of the Hindu religion. But many Hindus, as well as Buddhists, Jains, ...

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