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Barium chloride plus silver nitrate equals silver chloride and barium nitrate

moved. The anhydrous salt is placed in distilled water for filtering and bonding purposes. The 1.0M silver nitrate solution is placed in with the distilled water and anhydrous salt so a chemical react ... was dehydrated and then re-hydrated with distilled water. That solution was added to a solution of silver nitrate and then heated. A chemical reaction occurred that caused a precipitate to form in th ...

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The effect of the halogen atom on the rate of hydrolysis

sAim: to find the rate at which different halogenoalkanes hydrolyse to form a sliver precipitate in silver nitrate solution.Hypothesis: I think that 1-iodobutane will be the fastest to react followed ... est bond energy out of the three and I think that this will make it easier for it to react with the silver nitrate.Method. Three test tubes will be placed in a test tube holder. Into each test tube 1 ...

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Types of hemical reactions - Practical Report-(Refer to word document for subscripts,tables and correct characters.)

in pressure inside the test tube due to the combustion of the hydrogen gas.Precipitation reactions:Silver Nitrate + Sodium BromideApparatus:Silver Nitrate solution (0.1 mol L-1 )Sodium Bromide soluti ... solution (0.1 mol L-1 )Sodium Bromide solution (0.1 mol L-1 )Test tubeProcedure:1. Place 2-3 ml of silver nitrate in a test tube with the same amount of sodium bromide.2. Record results and observati ...

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History of Photography

used it to record photographic images. Certain chemicals were known to be light sensitive, such as silver nitrate and silver chloride. The first known people to produce photographic images were Frenc ... ter Louis Jaques Mande` Daguerre. The reason that their photographs aren't around today is that the silver plates gradually darkened obliterating the image.the earliest photos on record were made by F ...

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Qualitative Analysis of Buffer Solutions

h General Classes (first week) - First test tubes were obtained, and cleaned. Next the solutions of silver nitrate, aluminum nitrate, barium nitrate calcium nitrate, iron (III) nitrate, and lead (II) ... )Results/Analysis:The unknown solution number fifty nine contained cations Ag+, Al3+, and Ba2+. The silver nitrate precipitated to form a white precipitate with hydrochloric acid. There were two possi ...

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Silver Essay: this is a report on silver

SilverAtomic Number:47Atomic Weight: 107.8682Melting Point: 1234.93K (961.78C)Boiling Point: 2435K ( ... ture: SolidElement Classification: Transition MetalPeriod Number: 5Group Number: 11Origin-:The word silver derives from the Anglo-Saxon word seolfor. Silvers chemical symbol comes from the Latin word ... d seolfor. Silvers chemical symbol comes from the Latin word for silver, argentum.History and Uses-:Silver has been in use for over 5,000 years. Silver is obtained from pure deposits, silver ores such ...

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Science- Biology Practical Urine

, proves the test is positive3rd experiment1)Put all the urine samples in different test tubes2)Add silver nitrate to the test tubes3)if form cloudy suspension, it is positiveApparatus:Benedict soluti ... t solutionurine samplepotassium hydroxide solution/sodium hydroxide solutioncopper sulphate solutionsilver nitratetest tubespipetteResults:Urine sampleSalt presentSugar presentProtein presentALittle, ...

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How Do Activated Carbon Water Filtration Systems Work And What Is Their Capacity To Purify Water?

this experiment, samples of water from the tap and filter were tested. As the experiment proceeded, silver nitrate was used to calculate the amount of chloride ions within the substance. As precipitat ... used to calculate the amount of chloride ions within the substance. As precipitation occurred when silver nitrate was placed in the water, the Ksp value was used and further calculations determined t ...

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Discovering Factors affecting Protein Denaturation

ould result in a further straightening effect on the protein chain. It was also predicted that when silver nitrate is poured into the egg white solution, it would result in some sort of precipitate si ... ble 4: Chart illustrating the pH and appearance of the egg white solution in test tube D containing Silver nitrate (5 drops). In total, seven drops of Silver nitrate was poured into the solution.Test ...

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Qualitative Tests for Carbonyls: Aldehydes vs. Ketones. Various chemical tests identifying ketones and aldehydes are used in this experiment in order to identify an unknown carbonyl compound.

fact that unlike ketones, aldehydes can be readily oxidized. The Tollen's test is also known as the silver-mirror test, because when the test is positive for aldehydes, a silver mirror forms on the si ... llen's Test. In the Benedict's Test, cupric salts are used as the oxidizing reagent rather than the silver nitrate. An aldehyde is identified by a brick-red precipitate, while ketones have no reaction ...

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tal ions on enzyme activityObjectiveTo study the effect of two heavy metal ions, lead (II) ions and silver ions on the enzyme activity of invertase.IntroductionHypothesis:The rate of enzyme reaction o ... rtase works well in the given pH and temperature.Materials and apparatus:10mM lead (II) nitrate10mM silver nitrate50g/L sucrose solution0.03g/L invertase solutionBenedict's solution6 test tubesMeasuri ...

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