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Gone Fishin' ("The Fish" by Elizabeth Bishop)

ips / like ancient wallpaper, / and its pattern of darker brown / was like wallpaper;' she uses two similes with common objects to create sympathy for the captive. Bishop then goes on to clearly illus ...

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A Comparison of Plato and Aristotle.

His strong interest in metaphysics is demonstrated in The Republic various times: for example, the similes of the cave, the sun, and the line, and his theory of the forms. Because he is so involved i ...

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"Imagery is the essential component in poetry". Discuss the appropriateness of this claim with reference to two poets studied.

h straightforward descriptive writing or using metaphors(of which there are a few different kinds), similes and symbolism. In order to show the absolute appropriateness of the claim that imagery is an ...

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Native Son: analysis of rhetorical strategies- max's final speech

poverty. He achieves success in articulating his points by employing various rhetorical strategies: similes, cause and effect, and comparison.The speech is punctuated with similes. He uses them to ... me-ness for which we once strove so ardently."Max's speech combines the rhetorical strategies of similes, cause and effect, and comparison to convey his views on racial maltreatment and persecution ...

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Response Journal for "Boys and Girls" by Alice Munro

-discovery, stereotypes, and rebellion. To portray these themes, literary devices such as allusion, similes and situational irony were used. Allusion is present in the line "his favourite book in the ... the author attempts to portray the father's inventive nature by relating it to a well-known novel. Similes can be seen in the narrator's descriptions of her environment as she states that the "snowdr ...

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John Milton, 'Paradise Lost Books One and Two', title - 'Milton's is a highly visual representation of hell. What does he describe? How does he describe it? What purposes do his descriptions serve?'

s to heaven and Eden. He has taken on the task of describing the indescribable, and with his use of similes aiding him in the process; he successfully manages to create an elaborate image of hell in o ... imagination that only superlative description is plausible.In order to describe the indescribable, similes become vital as a use of comparison e.g. that Satan's greatness in size is like that of a Le ...

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es they could overcome together. "Ignorant armies clash by night", is a perfect example of imagery. Similes are used in this poem to convey the peacefulness and kindness that emerges from friendship. ...

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How does Golding creates setting in The Lord of the Flies?

e in the story that helps to enhance the setting. Secondly, there is the use of personification and similes, which also add to the effect of the setting. Furthermore, another very important idea that ... author wants the readers to see. Furthermore the author uses a large number of personification and similes, which help with the creation of the setting. For example on page 4, "The shore was fledged ...

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The Life of A Pi by Yann Martel

ther to jump above the tiger or hover over the sharks and repeated words about his plan # 6, use of similes especially when he compares his fright to that of Sage Markandya who fell out of Vishnu's mo ...

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A Dream Deferred

a sense of what happens to the fulfillment of a dream. The uses of the author?s vivid descriptions, similes, as well as irony, help prove to the reader, that dreams are worth fighting for.The use of t ... him to be. The description of the raisin, helps bring out the definition of its meaning.The use of similes is just as important as the author?s use of vivid descriptions. They are the apart of the st ...

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Changes represented in Sky High

is an incredible piece of writing, and after dissecting each metaphor and sieving through the many similes, I have come to the conclusion that Sky High highlights the very essence of change - that at ...

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The Jaguar, by Ted Hughes

the atmosphere of almost unsettling stillness. He emphasises this disturbing aspect of the zoo with similes such as 'parrots shriek as if they were on fire' and " strut like cheap tarts". This builds ...

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John Keates - "Ode to Autumn" - "Ode to Autumn" is a typical example of romantic poetry is which a "oneness with nature" is revealed through sensuous images. Do you agree?

neness with nature" through sensuous images and techniques. Alliteration, personification, imagery, similes, rhetorical questions, enjambment and positive connotations contained in this poem are all t ...

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Question- What does Chapter 5 of "Village by the sea by Anita Desai" tell you about the community and how is this information presented?

p on the cabin wall, bright blue and pink." This gives a clear image in our head. She uses a lot of similes to describe the village people. Anita Desai shows us that the villages don't have respect fo ...

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How have the Shrzynecki's perspective of Australia altered in the first 3 poems? How has language been used to convey this?

owed their thoughts and emotions associated with their migration and new home land, to be explored. Similes, religious symbolism and bird imagery are just some of the techniques used to further the re ...

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A Critique on Magic's Pawn by Mercedes Lackey. It is a book review/report done for an English 10 class.

e author used various literary skills to lure the reader into the novel such as personification and similes. Overall the book was an overwhelming success because of the characters, storyline and narra ...

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Paper on A Raisin In The Sun and Harlem

' poem puts a lot of thoughts into a person's mind. Hughes answers it with questions in the form of similes such as, "Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?," "Or fester like a sore - and then run?, ...

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Hard Times: Coketown

this town through a narrative that reflects upon the environment. He uses a lot of descriptions and similes to show the implications in which the society is inflicting. For example, the steam engine i ...

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"To Be or Not To Be".

Appearance vs. realityD. Ambition and powerE. Disease and poisonIII. DeathIV. ImageryA. MetaphorsB. SimilesC. ImagesV. Conclusion."To Be or Not To Be.'Hamlet is one of Shakespeare's most celebrated tr ... ."Most of the images presented in the play are portrayed as emotions. Among these are metaphors and similes. In Hamlet's speech in Act III, Scene 4, he says "But break my heart for I must hold my tong ...

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Wilfred Owen: 'Dulce et Decorum Est Pro patria mori'

n uses figurative language to reveal the reality of war. In the first two opening lines he uses two similes, "Bent double, like old beggars under sacks" which describes the physical posture of the sol ... d beggars" and "Knock kneed" to accentuate the beauty of the language. Own through the use of these similes, explains how exhausted and worn-out these soldiers are that they can be compared with "begg ...

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