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Functioning in a Non-Functional Society

American culture, or for the most part, contemporary western culture, i noticed that they portrayed similiar overall traits of what society has become. In a conformistically adequated society, the non ...

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Dimensions of Culture, Values, and Communication Paper: Diversity in Communications

chological. (Weaver, 2003) The language dimension is used to communicate with other people who have similiar beliefs and values as we do. The physical dimension refers to the environment and cultural ...

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"Wishing Upon a Wizard" Feature story for Public Relations and Advertising

y? Well they are a farm team that takes after the Harlem Globetrotters. Their style of play is very similiar to the Globetrotters and it will be a family oriented event. "Bringing in these guys will h ...

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Computers - Do we Live in the Cyber Reality?

ously they weren't too sophisticated because the most complicated task they could perform was a bit similiar to what our modern calculators can do now. What's more this archaic, pre-computer equipment ...

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Water Crisis In Chennai

fundamental human right. The recognition of water as a basic need and as a human right places it in similiar status from a public policy standpoint as other social services such as health and educatio ...

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Comparison Essay Cuba & U.S. (governments)

In different countries they have different economics structures.Some countries are very similiar to other economies while some are the exact opposite. For example a country could have a wh ...

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nd the character Lowell Bergman from "The Insider" are two different characters who are quite similiar. Both men had high status jobs. George Deever was a lawyer in New York and Lowell Bergman w ... me short tempered and became aggressive toward his peers. George Deever and Lowell Bergman also had similiar goals. They both had goals of protecting a person from a group of people. George's goal was ...

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