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Simple Harmonic Motion: Vibrating String

al blocks hanged. If a body of mass M is hanged on the end of the spring and is set to oscillate in simple harmonic motion, the time period T is given by;T=2π , where k is spring constant.Materials ... nts with bossheads. Then, the masses hanged with spring was pulled down and was let to oscillate in simple harmonic motion. On the same time, time was recorded for complete 10 oscillations with the he ...

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Simple Pendulum

s and Optics LaboratorySarain, Camille B. July 25, 2013HUB31/Group 3 August 01, 2013Experiment No. 3Simple Harmonic Motion(The Simple Pendulum)Sir Emmanuel T. SantosProfessorAbstractSimple Harmonic mo ... the slight rotation of the pendulum during oscillation. In was concluded that when the length of a simple pendulum increases, the period of oscillation also increases. And there are only two factors ...

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